A List of Top 10 AI Tools You Need to Check Out Right Away

From Lensa AI to ChatGPT the world has been taken aback by a storm and a gateway to elaborate discussions about the AI revolution has begun.

Is AI gathering information with these apps?

Is AI ready to take over humans?

Don’t use the AI application, it is collecting data for its efficiency!

We all have heard all these comments, and recently, it has increased a bit more than before.

However, if you are also like us, and want to explore more with these new AI tools coming forward, then you are just at the perfect spot. We also went exploring the internet and searched for cool and fun AI tools that everyone needs to try out!

Intrigued, aren’t you?

From making a new song to editing videos or audio, we have it all in store for you. And all you need to make the most out of the below-listed tools is reliable internet connectivity. For this, we recommend AT&T Internet. The provider is known for ultra-fast internet speeds, with stable connectivity. Once you are all sorted with the right internet connection, all the AI tools will be a smooth breeze for your use.

So, what is the wait for? Let’s find out!

1.     BeatOven

Isn’t it always hard finding the royalty-free music tone that you can use for your videos online? Nobody likes the threat of getting copyrighted, right? So, avoid this hassle by simply using BeatOven. Make a beat of your own choice, your taste, and perfectly in sync with your content!

2.     Illustroke

Work has become easier for illustrators. If you are out of ideas, or energy to draw an illustration from scratch, just use Illustroke. All you need to do is add text about what you want to draw, and wait for the tool to do its magic.

Of course, you can improve the illustration with your signature style and add on whatever you want.

3.     Ocoya

As someone who works in social media management, this tool will come in handy for you. Using Ocoya, you can schedule all your social media posts, and be free of any worries about delayed or late post uploads. Not only can you schedule your posts, but also create upload-worthy content using the tool in no time!

4.     PatternedAI

Generating pictures and geometric patterns has never been this easy! You can easily get an AI-generated design whether you want florals, or geometric patterns, just put in the command, and you’ll have it all at your disposal.

5.     Podcastle

Have you been trying to set up a podcast but are being held back due to the high-end equipment you need for it? Well, you have nothing to worry about anymore! You just need to get your hands on Podacastle and record the same high-quality podcasts from your computer! Isn’t it super convenient?

6.     Cleanup

We all have a folder of pictures that we love but they are only ruined by someone’s photo bombing. Whether someone from behind just looking into the camera, someone strolling by, or any unwanted tree in the back ruining the scenic background, it simply makes the picture useless. But now using Cleanup AI, you can easily remove any unwanted object in the background without any extensive effort.

Now every picture will be Instagram-worthy!

7.     Synthesia

Just like PatternedAI, or Illustroke, Synethsia will come in handy for generating videos with text prompts. You do not have to go to great lengths to animate the videos anymore or hire people. Everything will be AI-generated and super-realistic.

All you have to do is put in the script, and the type of video content you need and give the tool a moment to whip up a video! It is as easy as that!

8.     Thundercontent

Yes, we know that ChatGPT is all the rave right now as a content writing AI tool, but Thundercontent is no less either. Not only do you get well-written content to help you break your writer’s block, but you can get content in more than 140 languages! Talk about crazy…!

9.     LALAL.AI

We often come across some songs with beautiful lyrics, but the beats often make them miss the mark. With LALAL.AI you can remove any instrument from the background and make your favorite version of the song.

10.    Soundraw

If you have got the passion to create your songs and music but you cannot get your hands on the musical instruments and equipment, then don’t worry. Just turn to Soundraw and generate new music with every click! Alter it to your preference using other AI tools, and get the world grooving to your beat.

Ending Note

What are you waiting for? Make the most of these AI tools coming to rise and make your life easier for the better!