The Best Apps to Use for Enhancing the Reading Experience

Many people often consider reading one of their favorite pastimes, whether to learn new information or as a form of entertainment. Unfortunately, Sutton High News reports that fewer people now include it on their list of hobbies. In the past decade, the population of Americans who read declined by 7%. Many have strayed from the reading experience due to technological distractions (like social media and streaming platforms), shortened attention spans, and the lack of a reading culture. This can affect people’s reading and learning skills, creativity, and appreciation for their environment.

Luckily, several apps can help enhance the reading experience. If you’re among these people who need an extra push to start reading again or do so more consistently, check out these apps:


According to Gallup News, Americans only read 12.6 books in 2021 compared to 15.6 in 2016. The report implies that one possible reason behind this is the lack of access to books, potentially due to rising prices: a paperback today can cost anywhere between $13.95 and $17.95.

This is why it’s great to download apps that allow you to access thousands of titles. A subscription to the digital library app Everand costs a flat monthly fee almost equal to one book. With it, you can listen to various books across different genres, ranging from historical fiction works like Dragon Teeth by Michael Crichton to biographies like Rememberings by Sinéad O’Connor. What’s more, the app offers both ebooks and audiobooks to align with your reading preferences. The freedom to effortlessly consume countless literary works can eliminate accessibility barriers, enhancing your overall reading experience.

The StoryGraph

Another factor that can disrupt your reading experience is not finding the correct book that matches your preferences. For instance, you may like a book’s genre or plot but find that the mood it’s written in isn’t to your liking. Our article “What Is the Difference Between Mood and Tone in Reading?” states that mood is the feeling of the literary work, which the author sets through their characterization, diction, and setting, which means it’s a factor that can affect your overall enjoyment of a book.

If you want to ensure that a book aligns with your mood preferences, use a book-tracking app that suggests similar works based on your past reads. The StoryGraph app determines the mood you prefer the most (like adventurous, challenging, or emotional) and suggests similar titles you may enjoy. This narrows down your options, making it easier to find literature that you’ll love and will actually finish reading.

Read More

With all the books you’ve read, it may be difficult to recall what you’ve learned or even your favorite quotes. As a result, your appreciation for past and future reads may decline since you feel like you’re not gaining much from them. The Read More app lets you track and capture quotes from the books you’re reading and share them with your community. You may particularly like its Highlights tab, which allows you to highlight critical information from any book in your library by selecting the chapter number and adding as many lines or quotes as you want.

Besides this, it helps you set goals, so you’re encouraged to continue reading and discover more quotes.That makes Read More a great way to enhance your reading experience by helping you get more out of what you read.


Reading books can be lonely when you don’t have anyone to discuss them with. That can make the activity less enjoyable. If there are no fellow bookworms in your family or friends, you can join book clubs to interact with other readers. The Fable app has thousands of book clubs moderated by celebrities, authors, and passionate readers worldwide. You can share thoughts and meaningful stories, allowing you to grow your love for reading and discussing different topics with like-minded individuals.

The app even has added features that let you build reading lists, manage book reviews, and “socially read” with fellow bookworms using its interactive ebook reader. Using this app, the reading experience extends from you to a whole community you’ll love, ultimately making it more enjoyable.

Improving your reading experience with these apps can help you better enjoy the activity. Check them out today to see how well they’ll work for you!