Are you a Dinlo?

Are you a Dinlo?

A foolish or stupid person.

What does Dinlow mean?

Dinlow. Stupid / Fool / Idiot.

What is a Gorja?

It is often used by Romanies to address or denote outsider neighbors living within or very near their community. Gorja, often spelled Gorger, is the Angloromani variation of the word Gadjo.

What’s a divvy?

If you call someone a divvy, you are saying in a humorous way that you think they are rather foolish. [British, informal] Synonyms: share, cut [informal], dividend, percentage More Synonyms of divvy.

Is mush a Pompey word?

Another of the more famous Portsmouth slang words. Mush is pronounced ‘Moosh’ and means mate or friend. It can be traced back to the old Romany word meaning ‘my good friend’.

What is a GAJE?

a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)

What does Diddicoy mean?

diddicoy didakai (ˈdɪdəˌkaɪ) / (ˈdɪdɪˌkɔɪ) / noun plural -coys or -kais. (in Britain) one of a group of caravan-dwelling roadside people who live like Gypsies but are not true Romanies.

What does Divi mean slang?

Div is a scouse word for idiot. It is short for divvy which in turn is a corruption of Deva. The Deva Hospital was a well known mental hospital (since renamed the West Cheshire Hospital) on the outskirts of Chester.

Is divvy an insult?

(slang, derogatory) A foolish person. Put it down and stop being a divvy!

What accent is Portsmouth?

Pompey has its own dialect but it is not considered an accent, drawing from the ‘dockyard slang’ common in the Estuary English accent as well as from the Hampshire accent around it. So Portsmouth isn’t included in the rankings – but the Hampshire accent is.

What do people from Portsmouth call themselves?

It is also said that a group of Portsmouth-based sailors who climbed Pompey’s pillar near Alexandria in Egypt in the 1700s became known as the ‘Pompey Boys’, and this term became common in describing anyone from Portsmouth.