Can you archive eBay listings?

Can you archive eBay listings?

From time to time, buyers and sellers may want to review an eBay listing for an auction that has already closed. In either case, eBay does archive auction listings. Only listings that have ended within the last 90 days, however, are available through the eBay website.

Can I temporarily hide my eBay listings?

Sellers can access the Time Away feature through several ways, including their Account Settings, the Seller Hub and My eBay pages. Pausing sales will hide a seller’s fixed-price listings from search results on eBay and block checkout on their listings while they’re away.

How long does eBay Keep ended listings?

The length of time you can list for depends on the listing format you choose: Listing duration options: Auction-style format: 1, 3, 5, 7, and 10 days. Unsold items may be automatically relisted.

How do I export all my eBay listings?

Go to My eBay, Selling Manager, or Selling Manager Pro, and then go to your Active, Sold, or Unsold listings view. Select the listings you want to export to a file. Click the Action drop-down and then select Export to file. Select a file format (CSV or PDF) and then click the Export button.

Can I view my entire selling history on eBay?

You can view all your sold items from the past 90 days in either Seller Hub or My eBay. Was this article helpful for you?

What is Turbo Lister?

eBay Turbo Lister is a new eBay selling tool. It is a desktop-based selling tool that facilitates creating listings to post on the eBay site. As a seller, Turbo Lister will help you list items on eBay more quickly and easily.

Can I change the duration of my eBay listing?

For most listings on eBay, you can edit a listing title, add or change photos, and add optional listing upgrades at any time. For fixed price (Buy It Now) listings and auction listings with more than 12 hours left and no bids, you can lower the price. In most cases, you can’t change the listing duration or format.

What happens if no one bids on eBay?

Ebay auction ends automatically. You do not have to end the listing manually. Just give their system the time to finish and the 1 bidder will win… unless someone is watching it and is willing to bid higher at the last moment and out bids them.

How do I create a CSV file on eBay?

To create a CSV file containing items that are in your Turbo Lister program, just select the items you’d like to export, then select File > Export Selected Items. You’ll then be prompted to name your new CSV file.

How can I see sold items on eBay than 90 days?

How to see sold items older than 90 days?

  1. Click your avatar at the top left of eBay’s home page.
  2. Click “Account Settings” from that dropdown.
  3. The new eBay navigation page will open and that is where you will find the link to “request your eBay data”.

What is eBay CrazyLister?

Trusted by 100,000 retailers, CrazyLister is the world’s leading eBay and Amazon listing software. Create professional, mobile-responsive and 100% compliant eBay listings in minutes to boost your sales by as much as 200%.

Where do I find the archive listings for items?

1) Please click File > Open (or Open & Export )> Open Outlook Data File. See screenshot: In Outlook 2007, please click File > Open > Outlook Data File. 2) In the Open Outlook Data File dialog box, please select the archive file and then click the OK button. 3) Then you will see the Archive item is displayed in the Navigation Pane immediately.

How to archive a listing?

Log in to your account.

  • Select My account.
  • Select Property archive.
  • In the pop-up window,select the property to archive.
  • Select Save Changes.
  • What are completed listings on eBay?

    A completed listing is a listing that has already resulted in a sale or that has expired with out a sale. In other words, it is no longer an item that can be bought, but the listing remains on eBay showing the final purchase price and winning bidder (if applicable) for 15 days. Source.

    How to find sold items on eBay?

    In the title search field, type the title name or the keywords of the item you want to find.

  • Click the Search box.
  • On the search results page, select the Sold Listings check box to see items that have sold
  • Once the sold listings appear, tell eBay how you want the results sorted.