Can you drive a HGV without a Digi card?

Can you drive a HGV without a Digi card?

Most HGV’s can be operated without a card; however, this is very much against regulations (with the exception of very few circumstances) and driving without a tachograph card will result in your vehicle recording any times it is used without a card present.

How do I download my digital tacho card?

Please make sure that the company card is in the first slot of the digital tachograph. Then switch on the OPTAC Download Tool and connect it to the tachograph. Press the button to start downloading: Full Download button: Press this button if you want to download all the information on the vehicle.

How much does a digital tachograph card cost?

Table of costs

Digital tachograph card fees Driver card
First card application £32
Replacement card: lost, stolen or damaged £19
Change of name and/or address on existing digital tachograph card Free
Changing GB or Member State digital tachograph driver card for your first NI digital tachograph driver card £32

Do I need a digital tachograph card?

Who needs a tachograph card? All vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes that are used for commercial benefit must be fitted with a tachograph. If the vehicle was put in service after May 2006, it has to be fitted with a digital tachograph.

Can you drive a 7.5 tonne lorry without a Tacho?

You do not need a tachograph if you are making a personal journey and driving a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes (though you would need an appropriate licence to drive a vehicle that size).

How often do you need to download digital tachographs?

every 28 days
By law you are required to download driver smartcards at least every 28 days and vehicle unit data every 90 days. Ideally you should download driver cards and vehicle units more frequently to ensure you have regular backups of your data and any infringements can be spotted and dealt with quickly.

How do you use a Digivu?

Insert a valid Company Card into Slot 1 or Slot 2 of the Vehicle Tachograph. Insert the Digivu into the appropriate download socket of your specific Tachograph unit as indicated. The Digivu is powered by the Tachograph. Please be aware you will need to remove the paper holder on Stoneridge devices.

Do I have to download my tacho card?

Data must be downloaded from the driver card every 21 days. A transport undertaking shall ensure that the data from their drivers’ tachograph card is downloaded every 21 days. A self employed driver must download the data from their tachograph card every 21 days.

Can I check my tachograph card online?

Tachograph card users can now view details online such as card status (for example valid, expired, lost) as well as the start and end dates and the latest card number.

How much is a CPC licence?

Test costs

Weekday Evening, weekend and bank holiday
Driver CPC part 1 – theory – (hazard perception) £11 £11
Driver CPC part 2 – case studies £23 £23
Driver CPC part 3a – off-road exercises £40 £40
Driver CPC part 3b – on-road driving £115 £141

How long can I drive without tacho card?

15 calendar days
You can only drive without a tacho card for a maximum of 15 calendar days. The DVLA is required to issue you a new card within 5 working days, so this should not be a huge problem.

How do I apply for a digital tachograph driver card?

If you do not hold a record or are applying for a renewal you must use form D777B available from You need to use form D777B/DL to apply for a for a digital tachograph driver card if you hold a GB photocard driving licence. A new photo is not needed.

When do I need to produce my HGV card?

If you’ve been issued with a card, you must produce it on request when driving either a heavy goods vehicle ( HGV) or public service vehicle ( PSV) which is subject to EU drivers’ hours rules.

Are driverdriver cards safe and secure?

Driver cards have passed all relevant International Organization for Standardization (ISO) qualified tests and security certification requirements. They are designed to work reliably and securely for their period of validity but, like all cards, can be damaged by abuse.