Can you freedom Camp in the Catlins?

Can you freedom Camp in the Catlins?

It is not permitted to freedom camp or ‘park up’ in an occupied vehicle overnight in a public place. Persons found freedom camping or occupying a ‘parked up’ vehicle overnight on any Catlins street, reserve, carpark, rest area or road lay-by, will be required to relocate to a designated camping area.

Where is Purakaunui Bay?

Located approximately 20 kms south of Owaka and a short distance from the Purakaunui Falls.

What is a DOC campsite?

DOC manages more than 200 campsites throughout New Zealand. They are places to relax, enjoy and explore the outdoors. Choose from forest settings, lakeshores and sandy beaches.

How do I pay my DOC campsite?

Pay your fees at the self-registration stand at the campsite or to the camp warden when present. Put the correct fee in the envelope provided and place the receipt section of the envelope on your vehicle or tent. DOC rangers patrol camping areas and will check that fees have been paid.

Is DOC part of the government?

The Department of Conservation (DOC; Māori: Te Papa Atawhai) is the public service department of New Zealand charged with the conservation of New Zealand’s natural and historical heritage….Department of Conservation (New Zealand)

Agency overview

Can you freedom camp on DOC land?

Yes, you can freedom camp on public conservation land. There are some restrictions, so check with the nearest DOC visitor centre first. You can receive an instant fine if you freedom camp in a designated area that prohibits feedom camping. Areas where freedom camping is prohibited.

Can you light fires on DOC land?

Lighting fires at campsites You can light campfires at DOC campsites or day amenity areas only if: there is no fire ban in place, and. you use the designated fire places/fire pits.

What percentage of NZ is DOC land?

This is about 30% of New Zealand’s land area or about 8 million hectares of native forests, tussocklands, alpine areas, wetlands, dunelands, estuaries, lakes and islands, national forests, maritime parks, marine reserves, nearly 4000 reserves, river margins, some coastline, and many offshore islands.

Who does DOC work with?

DOC employees work with a wide range of organisations and individuals to protect native species and special places so they are here for generations to come, and help New Zealanders get involved in conservation.

Can you sleep in your car NZ?

Wild camping or freedom camping – which basically means camping anywhere outside of a designated camp-ground – is still legal overall in New Zealand. Some camper-vanners or car campers still flout these ever-tightening laws but if you do get caught – and many do – you could face some crippling fines.

Can you freedom camp at Te Arai?

Legal freedom camping spots We’ve stayed at Te Arai Beach in north Auckland, a nice lakefront carpark in Taupo, beachfront parks in Napier, Evans Bay Marina in Wellington, and many more around the country.

Can I camp on DOC land?

Yes, you can freedom camp on public conservation land. Note that there is no freedom camping on Great Walk tracks where you can only camp at Conservation Campsites, or stay in huts (except for the Milford Track Great Walk which only has huts).

Are there any campsites in the Catlins?

The Department of Conservation (DOC) runs several campgrounds in the Catlins, but there are a few privately owned holiday parks and camping grounds offering all the camping facilities you need. If you have a self-contained vehicle, The Catlins is home to some of the best freedom camping sites.

Where can I freedom camp in the Catlins?

In council-owned areas of the Catlins and Clutha District and with a self-contained campervan, you can freedom camp. Basically, just avoid camping where there are “no camping” signs. Your campervan must be fully self-contained and be displaying the self-contained certification sticker.

Where can I sleep in the Catlins?

There are some stunning locations to sleep under the stars in the Catlins, from forest clearings by the river to practically on the beach. In the Catlins, you have campsites run by the Department of Conservation (DOC), privately-owned holiday parks and backpacker hostels with camping facilities.

Are there any huts in the Catlins?

Maclennan Hut and Tautuku Hut are the only huts in the Catlins area and provide accommodation fro those exploring the Catlins Forest Park. Is this your business? Claim this listing