Can you write a list in an essay?

Can you write a list in an essay?

Writing a list into a sentence is one way to include them with MLA essays. Use a colon to introduce the list in the sentence and then use commas or semicolons to split the list up. You can number items in the list by using parentheses without the and at the end.

How do you do bullet points in email?

Add a numbered or bulleted list to a messageOn the Message tab, in the Basic Text group, choose the Bullets or the Numbering button.Press Enter to add the next list item. Note: Outlook automatically inserts the next bullet or number.Do one of the following: To finish the list, press Enter twice. or.

How do you list something in an email?

To make a bulleted list using plain text in an email:Start the list in a paragraph of its own, separated from the paragraph before it by an empty line.Use an asterisk followed by a space to denote a new point, and press Enter after each bullet point.To add a sub list, press Tab before entering the asterisk.

How do I add bullet points to my Iphone email?

You can use * or • {[Option]+[8]} for bullets or use the Keyboard Viewer to find a different bullet icon. Formatting is manual.

How do you write points in email?

Follow these rules for the use of punctuation in bulleted items:If the bullets are full sentence, then end each one with a period.If the bullets are questions, then end each one with a question mark.If the bullets are phrases or sentence fragments, then do not end with any punctuation.