Definition of essay

Essay is a literary genre of creative composition of small size and free composition. Essay expresses personal emotions and the views of the Creator according to a particular occasion or topic and does not undertake a comprehensive or establishing clarification of the task.

The size and functionality coexist with a scientific note and a writer’s sketch (with which essay is often confused), on the other – with a General philosophical work. Essay language is characterized by artistry, mobility of associations, brevity, setting for immodesty and additionally expressive speech.

Essay tasks, listeners, and properties

The most important objectives of the essay are: the report, certification and the human interest, the expression of the writer or the Union of 1, or certain task. Their successful achievement comes from the art of the author to successfully identify a personal group. Excellent essay distinguishes exclusive understanding, understanding of the image and a successful combination.

The process of creation of essay basically means from these stages: the consciousness of purpose, foresight subjects, selection of information, the production of organized information, the development of the primary statement, the composition of the draft.

Essay options


History connects events in a certain sequence, primarily sequential. The primary function in speech is action and conflict. The narrative is often highlighted from the original or third representative. The story is organized around General occurrences and very often embraces the dialogue that personifies the event and also contributes to the involvement of the reader in the narrative.


The position sets out sensual emotions: visual, auditory, sensitive, olfactory, taste. The General mood of the essay is organized with the help of vast experience. In favor of creating a display, it is necessary to choose the right observation point, look out and arrange the parts by means of a spatial or (less often) sequential company

Process characteristics

A variety of descriptions, often singled out in a separate category, are considered to be a statement of points, they can be used to explain to readers how this is done or passes.


Illustration of need for thoughts. When choosing examples, it makes sense to make sure that they support the idea and there are plenty of them for this target.


The classification divides a broad problem into types according to some principle, defines the different singularities of any category, and also indicates how these distinctive features vary between categories.


Comparison values 2 or a pair of objects for similarity. Often it allows for the election among the options, as well as introduces the reader with new items. All the details of the comparison can combine something cumulative and be based on effectively highlighted items representing than the compared items are similar and what different.

Guilt and consequence

Cause and effect constitute a category of communication. Essay in which causality operates, to understand the reasons – arguments, in consequence of which there are some effects and conditions, and monitoring the effects still acts and criteria.


The task of essay-definition – to clarify the meaning of expressions or in other words considerations. They are of three kinds: by means of synonyms; existing and also illuminated, which represent a commonality of other forms of essay (story, essay, sketch of the process, etc.).


Argumentative essay, based on naturally constructed data, wants to assure the reader to agree with some consideration, to materialize a certain event or perform both. The creators of argumentative essay seek their own task through appropriate influence, based on rigorous truths, judgments of authorities, primary sources of information, statistical information and others.; sensual and also moral act.