Do guys wear anything under board shorts?

Do guys wear anything under board shorts?

For boardshorts that have no liner, many males choose to wear some type of tight swimwear underneath. Some male wearers prefer to wear regular underwear such as compression shorts, boxer shorts, a jockstrap, or briefs under them, while others wear nothing underneath at all.

Why do men wear board shorts?

Designed with comfort in mind, boardshorts can be the perfect option for men looking to spend a seaside day seeking out the perfect wave as well as those that are just looking to cool off in the pool.

Can you wear board shorts in public?

They are easy to pop on, run about on the beach or boards, and then pop into the early evening. You really shouldn’t over dress Boardshorts, as they are totally casual Shore wear. Anything over a TeeShirt or a hoodie as top wear is just a bit much. Carrying Boardshorts off season is really a “no no”.

What is the difference between trunks and board shorts?

The most important difference between board shorts and swim trunks is that board shorts are longer (coming down to the knee or below, depending on style & preference) and trunks are shorter (stopping above the knee).

Do you go commando in board shorts?

Board shorts are made to be worn commando. Now if you’re one of those guys who can’t run commando in trunks because your junk gets in the way, well then fine, buy a pair of trunks that have the built-in underwear for support. Notice those built-in underwear don’t peak out the top of the shorts like a diaper.

What is the point of board shorts?

What are Board Shorts? Board shorts were originally designed for surfing enthusiasts who were looking for a longer option that would allow them to maneuver the way they want to on their boards, provide them with the coverage they need, and protect their legs from the movements they make while on the board.

Can I swim in any shorts?

As long as your shorts are synthetic material (typically polyester, sometimes nylon), you should be able to swim in the shorts (and, usually shirt if you want) in most American public and semi-public pools without running afoul with any rules.

Why do guys wear boxers under board shorts?

Scroll down to find out how Watermen boardshort liners maximize comfort and prevent rashes, infection and odors. Some men do wear boxers or briefs under their boardshorts, but this is the worst option of all. Wearing underwear under your boardshorts intensifies rashes and slows you down.