Does GoPro Hero 3 White have WIFI?

Does GoPro Hero 3 White have WIFI?

The HERO3: White Edition features built-in Wi-Fi and is compatible with both the Wi-Fi Remote (not included) and the GoPro App. The Wi-Fi Remote (not included) is a waterproof, wearable remote control that can control up to 50 Wi-Fi-enabled GoPros at a time from a range of 600′.

What’s the difference between GoPro Hero 3 and 3+?

One of the biggest changes with the Hero3+ is a more powerful battery and some inner tweaks that allow the camera to run for longer. GoPro reckon that the Hero3+ has a 30% longer battery life compared to HERO3: Black Edition with its new battery rated at 1180mAH, 3.7V, 4366mWh.

Is a GoPro 3 Any Good?

Engadget Review GoPro’s Hero3 Black Edition is the most capable action camera available today. It gives users higher resolution and higher frame rate options than the competition, but its battery life leaves much to be desired.

How old is the GoPro hero 3?

Editors’ note: The GoPro Hero3 product line, released in 2012, was replaced by the GoPro Hero3+ line as of October 2013. See our reviews of the $399 Hero3+ Black Edition and the $299 Hero3+ Silver Edition.

Is the Hero 3 waterproof?

Like the Hero 3, the Hero 3+ features video resolutions up to 4k, 12MP photos with a variety of timelapse and burst modes (up to 30 frames/second), built-in wifi, excellent low-light capability and a waterproof housing rated to 130 feet.

Does the GoPro Hero 3 shoot 4K?

GoPro just announced the latest version of its portable, mountable, waterproof camera line: the 4K-shooting GoPro Hero 3. The GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition, the premiere model, features a 12MP camera that can shoot 4K video at 12 fps, or 1080p video at up to 60 fps. It also comes with a Wi-Fi remote.

How long does the GoPro hero 3 battery last?


Avg. time for camera only Avg. time for lowest power consumption setting
Black Edition 1.5 hrs 1.5 hrs (1080-30)
Silver Edition 2 hrs 2 hrs (720-30)
White Edition 2.5 hrs 3 hrs (WVGA-60 and 720-30)

How long does a GoPro hero 3 battery last?

Does GoPro Hero 3 have GPS?

The GoPro Hero 7 White lacks a built in GPS. Other devices, including the Hero 2, Hero 3, and Hero 3, may also be used if you have an iPhone and can therefore use the Mapillary app integration.

Which is best GoPro?

The best GoPro cameras you can buy today

  1. GoPro Hero10 Black. The best GoPro camera overall. Specifications.
  2. GoPro Hero9 Black. The next best GoPro camera.
  3. GoPro Hero8 Black. The best GoPro camera under $300.
  4. GoPro Hero Max. The best GoPro camera for 360 video.
  5. GoPro Hero7 Black. Still a good camera if you can find it discounted.

What model is GoPro?

There are two ways to determine which GoPro model you have. Look on the camera body. Most models have their model number printed on the outside of the body. Look for the serial number.

What is the GoPro Hero3 white edition?

The little camera that started a revolution, the GoPro HERO3 White Edition Camcorder has impressively high performance and yet is so small and light you can put it anywhere. This edition is 20 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter than previous models.

How do I update my GoPro Hero3 to the latest firmware?

How to Update My GoPro HERO3 1 Insert a blank MicroSD card. To ensure that it is blank be sure to reformat your SD card either in the camera or on your computer with a card reader. 2 Power ON your HERO3. 3 Check battery levels. The battery level indicator should show at least 2 bars. 4 Connect your camera to the computer. See More….

What is the latest version of HERO3+?

Latest Hero3+ release: HERO3+ Black Edition v03.03 | September 2, 2015 HERO3+ Silver Edition v03.02 | September 2, 2015

Does the GoPro Hero3 have a mic port?

Included on the HERO3 is a port for a sold separately 3.5mm Stereo Mic Adapter. The GoPro HERO3 is compatible with all GoPro mounts for attaching to gear, body, helmets, vehicles, and more. The HERO3 is also compatible with the LCD Touch BacPac and the second generational Battery BacPac; and Backwards compatible with the older generation BacPac