Does Troy Baker play The Joker?

Does Troy Baker play The Joker?

To celebrate the release of the second part to this highly anticipated film, we sat down with voice actor Troy Baker who portrays The Joker in both parts. Baker is no stranger to Gotham City or to the Clown Prince of Crime after voicing him in several projects over the last few years.

Why is Troy Baker The Joker?

At the panel, Baker said he chose it, because “To me, it’s one of the best cross-sections of who the Joker is.” “So [Eric Holmes] set me up beautifully,” Baker remembers, “and the first line, ‘Memories can be vile…’ There’s silence. I’m like, this is it. I’m done.” But Baker kept going.

When did Troy Baker play The Joker?

Baker voiced The Joker in the video game Batman: Arkham Origins and the animated feature Batman: Assault on Arkham. He reprised his role as Two-Face and voiced Jason Todd in Batman: Arkham Knight. He also voices Batman and Thomas Wayne in Batman: The Telltale Series.

Who is Troy Baker in Batman?

Troy E. Baker (born April 1, 1976, Dallas, Texas) an American actor, voice actor, singer-songwriter, and musician who works with anime films, television series, and video games. He is known for being the voice of Joker in Batman: Arkham Origins and Two-Face and Robin in Batman: Arkham City.

Has Troy Baker voiced Batman?

Troy Baker (II) Troy Baker is an American voice actor and musician. He voiced Batman, Two-Face, Jason Todd and the …

Who did Troy Baker voice?

Troy Baker, voice actor of iconic video game characters such as Joel Miller in The Last of Us, Pagan Min in Far Cry 4, and Booker DeWitt in BioShock Infinite, recently tweeted out his support for an NFT project named Voiceverse.

Why did Mark Hamill not voice Joker in Arkham origins?

However, at the time Hamill was clearly in the headspace of wanting to go out on a high note with the character, which inevitably factored into him not playing the character in Arkham Origins. To top all of this off, Arkham Origins moved from Rocksteady to be developed by WB Games Montreal.

Why did Troy Baker quit?

But in April 2020, due to an apparent disagreement on the future direction of the show, Baker left to start his own series.

How old is Troy Baker?

45 years (April 1, 1976)
Troy Baker/Age

Is Troy Baker married?

Pamela Walworthm. 2012
Kimberly Beckm. 2004–2006
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Who voiced grime?

Troy Baker
Troy Baker is an American actor and has mainly voiced many video game characters. For Amphibia, he voices Captain Grime,the Frobot; Cloak-Bot&Giant Frobot, FBI agent and additional voices.