How big is the Riviera Theater in Chicago?

How big is the Riviera Theater in Chicago?

Riviera Theatre

Address 4746 N Racine Ave Chicago, IL 60640-4912
Location Sheridan Park
Owner Jam Productions
Capacity 2,500

How many people does the Vic Theater hold?

The Vic Theatre/Capacity
The Victoria Theatre, better known as Vic Theatre, is a musical venue located in Chicago, Illinois. Vic theatre can easily accommodate 1,400 people or with a seated capacity of 1,000.

How old is the Riviera Theater Chicago?

105c. 1917
The Riviera Theatre/Age

Is Riviera Theater all ages?

A ticket is required for all persons 2 years of age or older. Please call 773-275-6800 and leave a message to inquire about lost items. Except for registered service dogs, animals are not allowed in the Riviera Theatre.

What is the capacity of the Aragon Ballroom?

Byline Bank Aragon Ballroom/Capacity

What is the capacity of House of Blues Chicago?

venue capacities

location reception banquet
Chicago Room & Bourbon Street 130 120
Delta Room 50 64
Foundation Room Dining 75-100 55
Entire Venue 1800 N/A

What is the capacity of Thalia Hall?

Venue Capacity

Space Max. Reception Capacity Max. Seated Capacity
New Space 800 240

How many does the Wiltern seat?

The Wiltern/Capacity

How many people does the Bottom Lounge hold?

700 capacity
The main concert hall is a 700 capacity sized room. “Bottom Lounge Weddings”. Bottom Lounge also houses the Volcano Room, a 300 capacity mixed use space and a full restaurant specializing in American Midwest fare.

What is the capacity at Concord Music Hall?

700 to 1490
Please join us in welcoming Concord Music Hall as the newest addition to Chicago s historic music culture! Conveniently located between the storied neighborhoods of Wicker Park and Logan Square, this new, scalable live venue will host a diverse range of musical acts. The room s capacity varies from 700 to 1490.

How many seats does the Greek Theatre have?

The Greek Theatre/Capacity

What is the capacity of the Hollywood Palladium?

Hollywood Palladium/Capacity

Where is the Riviera Theater in Chicago?

Riviera Theatre. The Riviera Theatre is a concert venue located on the north side of Chicago, Illinois.

Where is the Riviera in Chicago?

About The Riviera. Located in Chicago’s historic Uptown theater district, at the intersection of Racine, Broadway and Lawrence the Riviera Theatre is a central part of the Chicago’s past and present.

Where is the Chicago theater?

Chicago Landmark. The Chicago Theatre, originally known as the Balaban and Katz Chicago Theatre, is a landmark theater located on North State Street in the Loop area of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.