How do I make my letters longer?

How do I make my letters longer?

19 Things Every Student Tries To Make Their Paper Seem Longer Than It Actually IsMake sure you included everything you were supposed to. Load up on transitional phrases. Spell out your numbers. Ditch the contractions. Make your header way longer than necessary. Make your spacing larger.

How do I minimize my page in Word?

On the long list of commands on the left, scroll down and select the “Shrink One Page” command. Click the “Add” button to add it to the list of commands shown on the Quick Access Toolbar. Click “OK” when you’re done. You’ll now find the “Shrink One Page” button on your Word ribbon.

How do I make one page longer in Word?

2 Answers. To view the document as one continuous page without page separators: Under the View tab switch to Web Layout . Note that your document’s width will be “elastic” in this view, meaning your paragraphs will stretch to fill as much width as they are given (try resizing the window).

How do I restore the paper size in Word?

How to Change the Paper Size in Microsoft WordA drop-down menu appears in which you see a generous list of paper sizes. Change the Paper Size from a Specific Point Onward. Next, head back to the “Page Setup” group of the “Layout” tab and click “Size” again. Here, in the “Paper” tab of the “Page Setup” dialog box, select the size you want under “Paper Size.”Ad.