How do you appreciate weight loss?

How do you appreciate weight loss?

Better Compliments Than “Have You Lost Weight?”

  1. “I’m so happy to see you! “
  2. “I love spending time with you. “
  3. “You’re so kind. “
  4. “I have so much fun when I’m around you. “
  5. “You look so happy, and it makes me happy to see. “
  6. “You’re glowing!
  7. “You make me laugh!
  8. “I love the positive energy you bring.”

Why you should lose weight quotes?

20 Awesome Quotes That Will Motivate You To Lose Weight

  • Only I Can Change My Life, No One Can Do It For Me.
  • Slow And Steady Wins The Race.
  • The Struggle You Are In Today Is Developing The Strength You Need for Tomorrow.
  • Food, Like Your Money, Should Be Working For You.
  • The Road May Be Bumpy But Stay Committed To The Process.

Should you compliment weight loss?

You Shouldn’t Compliment Someone’s Weight Loss. While you might think you’re being thoughtful by acknowledging someone’s weight loss, your compliment might have unintended, unforeseen consequences. Put simply, a body-image-related remark — no matter how flattering it’s meant to be — could do more harm than good.

How do I motivate my friend to lose weight?

When someone is trying to lose weight, do:

  1. Ask how you can be helpful: They usually know best; just ask.
  2. Celebrate things with a non-food activity: Go to the movies, take a painting class, go sky-diving, or take a walk together.
  3. Put away the junk food: Have it put away and out of sight.

What to say when someone is dieting?

Here are some examples:

  1. “The only bad food is the food you stole!”
  2. “My only food rule is I don’t eat things that are poisoned!”
  3. “I’m on the see-food diet. I see food and eat it if my body wants it- I trust my body to tell me what feels good, not a diet”

Do it for yourself weight loss quotes?

30 of the ultimate weight loss motivation quotes

  • It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you don’t stop – Confucius.
  • Don’t let a stumble in the road be the end of your journey.
  • Don’t dig your grave with your own knife and fork.
  • When you eat crap, you feel crap.
  • Keep going.
  • Take it one meal at a time.

How do you respond when someone says you’ve lost weight?

“Thank you. It’s kind of you to say so.” Or (if you’ve been consciously trying to lose weight) … “Thank you.

Should you compliment a girl on weight loss?

We never really know what caused a person’s weight loss. If you’re currently thinking, “But… acknowledging someone’s weight loss is a compliment! Weight loss is often the default compliment — especially among women — and for years I complimented people on weight loss with the best of intentions.