How do you cite in APSA?

How do you cite in APSA?

List all references cited in the text, alphabetically by author’s last name. Note that personal communications (i.e., letters, memos, telephone conversations, interviews, E-mail, discussion groups, etc.) are cited in text or in notes only.

How do I look up an article?

Tips for Finding Articles Use online databases to find articles in journals, newspapers, and magazines (periodicals). You can search for periodical articles by the article author, title, or keyword by using databases in your subject area in Databases.

Can you cite newspaper articles?

Author/byline. Year of publication (in round brackets). Title of article (in single quotation marks). Title of newspaper (in italics – capitalise first letter of each word in title, except for linking words such as and, of, the, for).

What databases can you use to find scholarly articles?

Which Databases Contain Scholarly Journal Articles?

  • Academic Search Complete (EbscoHost)
  • JSTOR.
  • OmniFile Full Text Mega (H. W. Wilson) (EBSCOhost)
  • ProQuest Psychology Journals.
  • PsycARTICLES (ProQuest)

What is an article record?

In some databases, you click the article title in the results list. The article record will include the author names, article title, journal name, volume, issue number, page range, and DOI (if available). The article record should includes the abstract for the article, if one is available.

Is APSA and Chicago style the same?

The American Political Science Association uses a variation of the Chicago Manual of Style citation system. APSA relies on an author-date system (as used in Chicago Style), not the notes-bibliography system. In APSA, parenthetical references within the text direct readers to the reference list.

What is the database of an article?

Databases: Tools for finding journal articles Databases of journal articles are sometimes called journal indexes. They contain the who/what/where information about journal articles. They tell you who published a journal article on what topic and where to find it in the print or electronic journals.

What is the difference between a periodical and an article?

Nov 16, A periodical is any publication that comes out regularly or occasionally (periodically). An academic journal is a scholarly periodical aimed at specialists, academics, and researchers. Articles are generally written by experts on the subject and use more technical language.