How do you expand an expression?

How do you expand an expression?

to expand expressions. Multiply the term outside the parentheses by each term inside the parentheses. Then add those products. Multiply 7 by each term inside the parentheses.

What does it mean by expand the expression?

Expanding means enlarging something. In this case, it means getting rid of any sign of grouping in an expression. Signs of grouping are brackets, parentheses, and braces or curly braces.

How do you expand to write equivalent expressions?

To expand an expression, we use the distributive property to rewrite a product as a sum. The new expression is equivalent to the original expression. For example, we can expand the expression 5(4x+7) to get the equivalent expression 20x+25.

What is a2 b2 formula?

a2 – b2 = (a + b)(a – b ) .

What is algebraic expansion?

To expand a bracket means to multiply each term in the bracket by the expression outside the bracket. For example, in the expression 3 ( m + 7 ) , multiply both. and 7 by 3, so: 3 ( m + 7 ) = 3 × m + 3 × 7 = 3 m + 21 .

How do you expand like terms?

What does ‘expand and simplify’ mean? In order to expand and simplify an expression, we need to multiply out the brackets and then simplify the resulting expression by collecting the like terms. Expanding brackets (or multiplying out) is the process by which we remove brackets.

What is expanded form example?

The expanded form of a number writes it as a sum, with each digit makes an individual term multiplied by its place value. For example 523 has an expanded form of 5 × 100 + 2 × 10 + 3 , 5 \times 100 + 2 \times 10 + 3 , 5×100+2×10+3, and 6203 has an expanded form of.

How to simplify algebraic expressions?

Remove any grouping symbol such as brackets and parentheses by multiplying factors.

  • Use the exponent rule to remove grouping if the terms are containing exponents.
  • Combine the like terms by addition or subtraction
  • Combine the constants
  • How do I solve algebraic expressions?

    Solve an algebraic equation with exponents. If the equation has exponents, then all you have to do is find a way to isolate the exponent on one side of the equation and then to solve by removing the exponent by finding the root of both the exponent and the constant on the other side.

    What is expanding in Algebra?

    Expanding in algebra. Expanding is to remove brackets from an algebraic expression. All terms inside the bracket are multiplied by the term outside. Note that the negative sign belongs to the term directly following it.

    How do you write an expression in Algebra?

    Write Algebraic Expressions. Choose a letter to use as the variable. You may choose any letter of the alphabet . Write it in lowercase text. For example, suppose you’re asked to write an expression for “the sum of twice a number and six.” Although any letter works, in this example, an “n” will be used.