How do you say no nicely to a friend?

How do you say no nicely to a friend?

Don’t wait until you’re fed up. Don’t feel guilty. If your friend can’t accept NO for an answer, recognize it as her problem not yours. Carefully consider why you’ve decided to say NO. Try to say NO as graciously as you can. When you’re both relaxed, talk about limits and boundaries in friendships.

How do you politely decline a friend?

Here are three points to remember when you’re using this particular script—or something similar—to say “no” to a friend.Say it Fast. Don’t keep your friend hanging for days or weeks, hoping she’ll “forget” about it. Explain Why—Briefly. Propose Something Else.

How do you say no in an email?

I hope things are going well with you. While I do know [Person], I don’t feel comfortable sharing their contact information. I hope you understand. Don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s any other way I can help, [Name].

How do you respectfully decline an assignment email?

Be respectful and honest when declining an assignment.Thank your boss or colleague for offering you the assignment. Assignments typically come with responsibility. Explain why you are unable to take on the assignment at this time. Maintain a positive and professional tone throughout. Suggest an alternative solution.