How do you write a reflection about yourself?

How do you write a reflection about yourself?

A 3-Step Process To Improve With Self-ReflectionReflect on your experience. Think about what you did, thought, and felt at the time. Reflect on your learning. Analyze your experience and compare to the models or principles that you want to follow. Apply to your practice. Apply your learning to your practice.

What is your reflection about yourself?

Self-reflection is a process by which you grow your understanding of who you are, what your values are, and why you think and act the way you do. It is a form of personal analysis that allows you to bring your life into alignment with what you wish it to be.

What is the importance of being a reflective practitioner?

Being a reflective practitioner benefits people using health and care services by: supporting individual professionals in multi-disciplinary team work. fostering improvements in practice and services. assuring the public that health and care professionals are continuously learning and seeking to improve.

What does it mean to be a reflective learner?

Reflective learning involves students thinking about what they have read, done, or learned, relating the lesson at hand to their own lives and making meaning out of the material. It’s more than just memorizing some facts, formulas, or dates.