How do you write so called in a sentence?

How do you write so called in a sentence?

Examples of ‘so-called’ in a sentence so-calledWe should calm down about so-called radicalisation. These so-called secondary deals used to be frowned upon. Much of this flows to so-called tax havens. Watch out for the suspect actions of so-called friends. This is the area of the so-called expert system.

Is so called formal?

Formal adjective Being something in name or form only. In some cases you can use “So-called” instead an adjective “Formal”. …

What is the meaning of so called?

So named; called by such a name, with a very strong connotation that the item is not worthy of that name.. Same as above, without the negative connotation..

How do you write simple words?

How to write in plain EnglishKeep your sentences short.Prefer active verbs.Use ‘you’ and ‘we’Use words that are appropriate for the reader.Don’t be afraid to give instructions.Avoid nominalisations.Use lists where appropriate.