How many miles is a 10km cross country race?

How many miles is a 10km cross country race?

The 10K run is a long-distance road running competition over a distance of ten kilometres (6.2 miles).

Is 10km a long-distance run?

10km is a distance that needs to be respected but it’s also very achievable for most runners whilst still balancing a busy home and work life. It’s the perfect mix of speed, strength and endurance and your training should reflect this.

Who is Ben Parkes?

Parkes Running YouTuber.. creating content across social media channels in the running and fitness industry. Endurance running coach and sub-elite athlete in the marathon and ultra running scene, with a 2:25 marathon PB. Design, manufacture and sell a range of running hats worldwide.

How do I build an aerobic base for running?

To build a strong aerobic engine, gradually increasing mileage during the base phase of training is necessary….Higher Mileage is Key

  1. Increasing the long run by about a mile every 1–2 weeks.
  2. Adding 1–2 more runs per week.
  3. Adding 1–3 miles to weekday runs every 1–3 weeks.

Whats a good 10K time for a beginner?

Average 10K time for beginners For beginners, you can expect to cross the finish line of a 10K somewhere between 60-80 minutes. If training is new to you, you can start out by doing a combination of running and walking to build up your fitness and avoid injury.

What is a good 10k time by age?

Average by age

Age Men Women
0–15 57:08 1:03:14
16–19 46:36 1:00:21
20–24 51:40 59:50
25–29 53:31 1:02:25

What is a good base mileage?

How do you Build Base Mileage? When building your base mileage the majority of your runs should be done at an easy pace. Technically this means that you should be running at around 75% of your total effort – which can be calculated using fitness trackers and heart rate monitors.

How can I increase my aerobic capacity?

5 Training tips to help improve your aerobic endurance

  1. Try some HIIT. Yes, we know, we know.
  2. Add in some strength training. Strength training can be used alongside aerobic training to boost your endurance.
  3. Build it up slowly and rest.
  4. Consume those carbs.
  5. Choose natural energy boosters.
  6. Make sure you hydrate.

How many calories does a 10k run burn?

600 calories
On average a 10K run will burn around 600 calories (around 100 calories per mile), however, to find out a more accurate figure and to better plan your workouts to maximise your calorie burn, you will need to take a few things into account.

Is 40 minutes good for 10k?

The 10k distance is perhaps the most popular distance for a wide range of people involved in running. Whether you are relatively new to racing or you have several races under your belt from years of consistent training, the running of a 10k in 40 minutes is a goal of many runners.