How much does a Strangifier cost?

How much does a Strangifier cost?

Law Strangifier

Price Quantity
$55.89 1
$55.85 1
$4.84 1
$4.60 1

How much does a Strangifier cost tf2?

Phlogistinator Strangifier

Price Quantity
$0.87 8
$0.89 3
$0.92 12
$0.93 3

How do I get a Strangifier?

It can be obtained by fulfilling the requirements of a Chemistry Set. When completed, the Chemistry Set will drop a Strangifier of the type indicated by the Chemistry Set. However, certain Strangifiers are instead obtained randomly from a Mann Co. Supply Crate.

How much is a festive rocket launcher?


Price Quantity
$2.92 5
$2.89 1
$2.85 1
$2.80 2

Can you use a Strangifier on a killstreak weapon?

1 Answer. You can make an unusual weapon strange and killstreak if you have a strangifier and a killstreak kit that match the base item type. You can’t change a weapon’s paint, so you need to start off with the unusual painted weapon you want.

How much is a strange scattergun worth?

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Price Quantity
$1.07 or less 770

How many kills is Hale’s own?


Rank Kills Name
17 5000 Epic
18 7500 Legendary
19 7616 Australian
20 8500 Hale’s Own

What can you use a Festivizer on?

The Festivizer can be found as a bonus drop when opening the Unlocked Winter 2016 Cosmetic Case. Added a few weapons to the list of items that can be Festivized: Fire Axe, Jag, Kritzkrieg, Pistol, Quick-Fix, Natascha, Sandman, Spy-cicle, Kukri, Shovel and Scottish Resistance.

How do you get a festive sniper rifle?

Festive weapons could be found by unlocking Naughty Winter Crate, Naughty Winter Crate 2012, Naughty Winter Crate 2013, and Naughty Winter Crate 2014, and are available in both Unique and Strange qualities, though Strange versions are much rarer.

Can you use a Strangifier on an unusual weapon?

How much is an Australium Tomislav worth?


Price Quantity
$50.57 1
$50.52 1
$50.46 1
$49.77 1

How much is a Festivized scattergun?


Price Quantity
$2.62 1
$2.58 1
$2.48 3
$2.47 1