How much does the Gibbon Experience cost?

How much does the Gibbon Experience cost?

Classic Gibbon Experience This program is the best option if you want to spot gibbons and other wildlife as you stay in the same treehouse for the two nights and offers the best chance of gibbon encounters. The cost is normally around 310 USD.

How to get to the Gibbon Experience?

Board the bus to Houayxai upon landing in Luang Namtha and stop in Ban Donchai, gate to the National Park. Book sleeping arrangement there with our office in advance. Our driver will pick you up the next morning at 10am to start your tour. Flights take 50 minutes and costs 399,000 kip to 670 000 kips.

Is the Gibbon Experience worth it?

Overall fantastic experience. Whether you see gibbons or not (we didn’t unfortunately), the gibbon experience is worth visiting as the zip lines and treehouses are both wonderful. We did the classic experience and we heard gibbons on one of the mornings singing loudly for about an hour.

What to do in the jungle of Lao?

In the mighty Jungle of Lao you can play Tarzan and Jane by going on the Gibbon Experience, zip-line through the dense bamboo forest, enjoy the most awesome views and sleep in treehouses up to 60 meters above the ground. They call the entire experience “The Gibbon Experience” and is not what we would consider a bargain.

Why visit the treetops of the Gibbon Experience?

By visiting the treetops of The Gibbon Experience, you are protecting the National Park and sustaining the livelihoods of a large community. The Gibbon Experience is a tourism-based conservation project. It is mainly known for its canopy set-ups featuring incredible tree houses and ziplines.

What if there were Gibbons in the jungle?

They could have put more effort into making it an experience that was great regardless of if there were Gibbons. They could have taught us more about the jungle, given more opportunities to interact with nature in a purposeful way or learn about local cultures.