How to quickly and correctly do math homework?

Homework is often associated with quite serious difficulties. Students are experiencing difficulties because they are tired after school, tend to rather do their own thing, relax. It is difficult for them to concentrate and take up another job. It is not easy to start learning again at home, to approach each task responsibly. For successful training requires willpower, perseverance.

Of course, fatigue effects, and some disciplines in themselves cause a negative attitude. For example, it is always harder to do homework on subjects that are less clear.

How to achieve high speed and literacy when doing homework?

  • First of all, you need to remember an important rule: you need to hurry slowly. Do not rush, try to write, read, solve problems as quickly as possible. With this approach, the quality of work will immediately fall sharply, and it will take additional time to check and correct.
  • To really increase the speed, but at the same time to avoid shortcomings, you need to carefully allocate time, to act purposefully and intently, without being distracted.
  • Start by scheduling your home activities. It is desirable that you devote some time to study every day, and not only just before going to school. Always keep in mind in your daily routine that the lessons may take a little more time than you expected.
  • Consider the different factors associated with other cases, work, when determining the time of employment. It is advisable not to sit down for lessons immediately after coming from school. It is better to take time to rest, take a break from school, eat.
  • A good option is to walk on the street, do some sports. If you are tired, stop on passive rest: read a book, watch TV. However, do not take too long a break. The normal time for a vacation after school – 1-1.5 hours. Sometimes students prefer to get some sleep after returning from school, but this is not a good way out.
  • Remember that the key to good working – order throughout. Once you have a schedule, always follow it. Not to forget to take lessons, put the alarm clock. It is also useful to indicate the periods of work between which it is necessary to take a break, about 10 minutes. When a lot of lessons are given, you do not need to do everything to save time. You will need breaks for rest, it is desirable to do them every 35-50 minutes.

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Sample plan for quick and correct homework

  1. Make a daily routine and always follow it.
  2. Rest after school. You can walk or just sit at home.
  3. Keep in strict order all things, notebooks and textbooks, school supplies.
  4. Set an alarm to not miss the start of home classes.
  5. Focus and eliminate all the factors that can distract you: turn off the TV, do not communicate on the phone with friends.


Quickly do your homework will help you a rational allocation of time, concentration and responsible attitude. Do not be distracted by other things – time will fly faster, do not weaken the attention – you do not have to fix the bugs for a long time.