How to Remove Wall Stickers?

How to Remove Wall Stickers?

Wall decal stickers have tempting design to attract people. Especially, jubilant children are excited to see the decal images on the tiny wall of kids’ bedroom. The home décor companies have specialists who are famous for wall painting with deals. However, at the same time, decal removal techniques need to be applied in the case of the wall maintenance.

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Remove Vinyl Coating

The best decals have durable vinyl coating which prevents water soaking. Therefore, it is difficult to erase the thick coating completely and manually. Usually, these custom vinyl coated decals have the higher pressure prone strength. That’s why, it is fitted to the wet wall properly. Water resistant decals are not easily relocated or removed.

Use Hair Dryer for Removing Strong Decal Stickers

The hardened glue underneath the application layer of the decal should be melted before removal of the decal stickers. Heat up the corners of the decal images applying hot air. Take the hair dryer for passing hot smooth air to the corners of the decal. The adhesive will be weak and soft. In this way, try to peel off the decal images without destructing the painted wall. Drive your fingers carefully to peel the decal stickers. You must be steady to do your job.

Use Ammonia Mixed Water for Softening Glue of Decals

If hot air is not effective to transfer the decal from your wall, try another formula. The mixed ammonia and water in a bottle needs to be used to drench the sold adhesive of the decal stickers. Or, experts recommend the biodegradable dish soap for treating the decal stickers. When the decal is completely scooped out, clean the stains or any remnants stuck tight to the texture of the wall. In this case, you require fresh water based cleanser containing VOC free wall cleaning components. Use dried cloth to soak water for faster wall dryness.

Use Alcohol to Remove Decal Stickers from the Wall

Sometimes, the strong adhesive is removed by applying alcohol. However the latex paint is not comfortable if you apply alcohol.

Use Vinegar for Removing Decals from the Wall Surface

Small amount of vinegar weakens the resilience of the strong adhesive of the decals. With the flexible paint brush or piece of cloth, scratch the hard glue. The vinegar will help you to transfer the decals. The wall surface is unhurt and safe.

Nail Polish Removal

At home, ladies are seen taking care of their dirty nails with the qualitative nail polish removing spray. This substance directly works to wipe out the bed of colorful nail polish.  Well, in the case of the decal shifting, it is also usable to you to smoothen up the surface underneath the decal with the nail polish removal solution/spray. However, you have to depend on the top nail polish removal spray which is not harmful to your wall.

Check all these methods meticulously when you have to relocate the decals. The painted wall may be moistened or uneven. The proper inspection is also important when you think of transferring decal application layer. The wall must not be dirt with the spots of stains. The decal removal tips given by experts should be remembered by you.