How wide is a 2 row cultivator?

How wide is a 2 row cultivator?

Width: 2-9/10 ft. Height: 3-1/2 ft. Tines 2-2/5 in. x 9/10 in.

What is a row crop cultivator?

The Landoll 2000 Series Row Crop Cultivator is designed as a high speed, heavy residue cultivator used primarily as a weed control/soil aeration tool. The 2000 Series fits into a multitude of row crop cultivation operations including ridge-till (with proper options), minimum till and no-till.

What is a 3 point cultivator used for?

The I & J 3 Point S Tine Cultivator is used for cultivating a wide variety of Row Crops including vegetables. It works great on crops grown on plastic mulch by removing the center gang.

What does a cultivator tool do?

A cultivator is primarily used to mix loose soil, while a garden tiller can break up hard pieces of ground. As such, a cultivator is unlikely to work if you are creating a new garden plot because its tines are not heavy-duty enough to loosen hard soil.

What is a field cultivator?

Field Cultivator: Field cultivator is an implement for seedbed preparation, weed eradication or fallow cultivation subsequent to some form of primary tillage. Field cultivators are equipped with spring steel shanks or teeth that don’t chop and size residue.

What does a rotary cultivator do?

A rotary cultivator is a tool that is used to loosen, aerate, and prepare soil for new planting or to enhance the condition of soil for existing plantings. A rotary cultivator, often known as a rototiller or rotocultivator, consists of sharp rotating tines or blades that are typically made of steel or aluminum.

What is the difference between Tiller and cultivator?

What is the difference between a chisel plow and a cultivator?

Cultivator teeth work near the surface, usually for weed control, whereas chisel plow shanks work deep beneath the surface, breaking up hardpan. Consequently, cultivating also takes much less power per shank than does chisel plowing.

What are the dimensions of a row crop cultivator?

Tebben row crop cultivator Overall width: 20′ 2″ Operational Number of row s: 9 Hitch: Three point Tires Gauge wheels Visit Heavy Hitch for current pricing. Save 5% with the discount code below!

How many shanks does a two row cultivator have?

For planting and cultivation purposes, this two row cultivator has 9 shanks that can drag through soil to prepare seedbeds. The row widths can adjust for a customized application.

Where can I get a cultivator for my field?

Let us provide you with the right field cultivator for your needs here at Agri Supply®. Gift Cards are available! ONE ROW 3 PT. CULTIVATOR CAT. 1 10398 King Kutter

What are the dimensions of the Rotary 4R36 crop cultivator?

Rotary 4R36 Row Crop Cultivator, 3 Point Hitch, 14” Wide X 12” Diameter Spiders, 13’ 3” Transport Width, (2) 18” Stabilizer Disk, 3.5”x3.5” Tool Bar Size, NOTE: The Resident At The Equipment Location Has No Equip…