How would you improve your hometown?

How would you improve your hometown?

101 small ways you can improve your city

  1. Redesign a crosswalk. In 2015, a handful of Seattle streets were reborn when a rogue designer painted colorful new crosswalks.
  2. Green your parkway.
  3. Make a seat. ”
  4. Create a little free library.
  5. Start documenting your street.
  6. Add additional bike parking.
  7. Plant a tree.
  8. Pick up more poop. “

Is there good scenery in your hometown?

Is there any beautiful scenery in your hometown? Yes there is but I don’t consider it as jaw-dropping or extra-ordinary scenery, it’s just a typical view of the countryside. There are mountains and forests where hikers usually visit and there’s one big lake where people can enjoy fishing, especially in summer.

What do you love about your hometown?

11 Reasons Why You Love Your Hometown

  • Your house.
  • All your favorite food.
  • Your family.
  • Your home friends.
  • Your favorite places.
  • You never get lost. You NEVER have to use a GPS when you’re home.
  • You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone you know.
  • Your hometown diner.

What are the benefits of living in a village?

Now friends, its time to mention the top leading advantages of village life.

  • fresh food. fresh air and atmosphere.
  • fresh air and atmosphere. wide area.
  • wide area. joint family system.
  • joint family system. take care each other.
  • take care each other. healthy environment.
  • healthy environment.
  • no pollution.
  • no tensions and no worries.

What changes would make your hometown more?

What change would make your hometown more appealing to people your age? If I would be given a chance to work for my town, I would definitely like to change and improve drainage and water supply systems existing in the town. As these two are the basic amenities which should be given prime concern.

Do u like your hometown?

I like how the people in my hometown are so friendly. It’s a really close-knit community and there are many mom and pop shops, which are hard to find in big cities. I like its cultural atmosphere. Within the city, you can see beautiful pavement cafes.

How can I write about my village?

Description of My Village My village exists in a low lying area that has a warm summer and a chilly winter. Mostly I visit my village in summers because of the holidays. Although the village is far cooler than the city during the summer. Also, you do not need air conditioners in a village because of the breeze.

Is it easy to travel around your hometown?

Is it easy to travel around your hometown? Answer: Of course, yes. There is quite a mixed variety of public transportation in which one can travel. I guess metro-service and buses are the most common because it is very fast and affordable.

How important is your hometown to you?

They say that home is where the heart is, and for most people, their hometowns are an important and integral part of their very persona. Whether they stir fond memories or sad ones, and whether you plan to return someday or not, your hometown played an important role in helping you become the person you are today.

In what ways can you improve your hometown ielts?

Answer:Yes, since my childhood ,many changes have been taken place in my hometown as the system of electricity ,system of water , sewerage and drainage ,system of food check and balance have been improved a great length. Now people are more consious of their living style.

What does your hometown mean to you?

An individual’s place of birth, childhood home, or place of main residence. The town or city of one’s birth, rearing, or main residence. The definition of hometown is the place where you grew up or have lived for a long time. The town where someone lived during elementary and primary school is an example of hometown.

Where is your hometown Sample answer?

Answer: My hometown is London, the capital city of the UK. It is located in South East England, on the River Thames. It is well known around the world for its amazing history, architecture, music and fashion.

How do I make my village smarter?

Steps to become an ‘Adarsh Gram’

  1. Identify people’s needs and priorities.
  2. Define activities that can mobilize the complete community.
  3. Use resources from running government schemes.
  4. Repair and renovate existing infrastructure.
  5. Strengthen the Gram Panchayat.
  6. Promote transparency and accountability.

What are the differences between village life and city life?

Rural and urban lives are different, and their difference makes them unique and beautiful. Life in villages is more straightforward, while urban life offers various complicated aspects. Their smaller geographic or territorial extension primarily identifies rural life. A village is significantly lower than in a city.

How would you describe village life?

The Villages are free from the hustle and bustle of a city life, villages are peaceful, calm, quite and full of greenery where one can breathe fresh air. The beauties of villages are described by the way villagers happily live in the small huts or a home, made by clay or mud.

How do you write a hometown essay?

“I love my hometown as I love my home and I like to stay in the town streets as I stay in the rooms of my house.” Everyone loves his hometown or city dearly. It is like loving the home or the place where one passes one’s life. My town is close to a canal that flows out of the river some eight kilometers away.

Why villages are better than cities?

The village has clean air and the environment is very beautiful. The village has less noise and rush. So the pollution is less. Although living in the city has many advantages there are some disadvantages too, the cost of the living is very high in the city, the city is always noisy, no fresh air and pure water.