Is Allan Block expensive?

Is Allan Block expensive?

What Does Allan Block Cost? Though Allan Block costs vary depending on which block you chose, material costs for Allan Block are competitive with treated wood and stack rock, are less than lannon stone, boulders and other stackable masonry systems, and cost up to 30 percent less than walls requiring concrete footings.

What is a courtyard block?

AB® Courtyard is a unique, DIY, freestanding wall system which allows you to construct custom creations in your home! With AB® Courtyard you are able to build freestanding walls to 750mm high and piers to 900mm high plus caps and soil retaining walls and garden beds up to 300mm in height.

What is the cost of Allan Block?

Total Installed Cost Per Square Foot

Allan Block SRW Natural Stone
Applications Residential Commercial Residential
Contractor Profitability
Product Growth Potential Stable
Average Costs/SQ Ft. $15 – $25 $20 – $40

How long will a block retaining wall last?

between 50 and 100 years
Using a concrete footing will actually prevent the wall from being able to naturally shift. How long will my retaining wall last? For a permanent wall structure, the general lifespan is generally between 50 and 100 years.

Do you fill Allan blocks?

Fill in behind the blocks with soil, and carefully compact to lock them in place. Fill the blocks with wall rock for additional stability. Sweep the blocks clean, and check again to make sure the blocks are level.

How high should a courtyard wall be?

maximum height. (ii) Side Yard Facing Courtyard wall located 15′ or greater from the front property line shall not exceed 5’6”. (iii) Courtyard walls located in the front yard in controlled access developments (gated developments) shall not exceed 6′.

How big should a courtyard be?

Size Required Typically, interior courtyards can be accommodated in houses sized 3,500 sq ft and above. An 8×8 ft or 10x10ft space can be set apart for the courtyard.

How long do retaining wall blocks last?

How long will my retaining wall last? For a permanent wall structure, the general lifespan is generally between 50 and 100 years. This does, however, depend on the conditions of the soil and groundwater at your site.

How much does retaining wall blocks weigh?

The average weight of a retaining wall block is around 53 lbs and, per pallet, the weight is around 2190 lbs. As you can see, the blocks for a retaining wall are pretty heavy, because since they are holding on a lot of weight of the soil and water behind it, they have to be very strong.

What is the AB courtyard collection by Allan Block?

The AB Courtyard Collection ® by Allan Block is an easy-to-install, two-sided, free-standing patio wall system designed with three components plus caps. Similar to interlocking childhood toys, these blocks are designed for quick installation and customization to make creating an elegant outdoor living space a weekend project.

Where can I find color options for the AB courtyard collection?

Check with your local AB Dealer/Distributor for color selection and availability. The AB Courtyard Collection is a two-sided free standing patio wall system that has three main components plus caps – AB Dublin, AB York and a Corner Block. Modification of the blocks may be necessary to build a project.

What is abab courtyard?

AB Courtyard is a unique block that allows you to build a variety of projects using five basic pieces. Bring your designs to life with serpentine curves, straight walls, and decorative posts.

Why choose allallan block?

Allan Block’s patented, pre-engineered systems is unsurpassed when it comes to ease of installation Nitterhouse Masonry Products, LLC manufactures AB products for distribution in the Mid-Atlantic region.