Is GTM on in 2021?

Is GTM on in 2021?

COVID-19 continues to force music festivals to cancel, as Groovin The Moo has revealed that their 2021 event will no longer be going ahead. “We’re really going to miss GTM and not being able to spend another year with our crews, artists, team members, suppliers and you!”

Is Groovin the Moo on in 2022?

The tour will look a little different in 2022, kicking off at its longest-standing home in Maitland NSW on Saturday 23 April, then hopping over to Canberra on Sunday 24 April, followed by Bendigo on Saturday 30 April. …

Is Groovin The Moo 2021?

Groovin The Moo 2021 will not be going ahead. Organisers Cattleyard Promotions have shared the news this morning saying that it is not possible for the much-loved regional festival to return in 2021 as previously thought.

How do I return Groovin Moo tickets?

For those who kept their 2022 Groovin the Moo tickets, they will remain valid for the 2022 events. If you are unable to attend the new dates, you will have until Monday 27 December 2021 to request a refund. Simply log into your Moshtix account and click Manage Tickets to view and select the Request Refund option.

How old do u have to be to go to GTM?

GTM is a licensed all ages event and recommended for persons 16 years and older. If you’re under 16, please check with your parents before purchasing a ticket.

What year did Groovin the Moo start?

April 24, 2005
Groovin the Moo/First event date

Is Groovin the Moo all ages?

Groovin the Moo is weaving its way back to our six beloved regions across the country in 2018 for more good times, good vibes and good music! GTM is a licensed all ages event and recommended for persons 16 years and older.

Who runs Groovin the Moo?

Cattleyard Promotions
Groovin’ the Moo

Groovin the Moo
Years active 2005–2019, 2022–
Founded by Cattleyard Promotions

How much is GTM 2020?

Tickets for Groovin The Moo 2020 in Bendigo, Bunbury and Canberra went on sale February 11, while tickets for the Wayville, Townsville and Maitland stops went on sale February 12. General Admission tickets for Groovin The Moo were priced at $129.95.

Is Groovin the Moo 18+?

Groovin the Moo is an annual music festival that is held in six regional centres across Australia. Groovin the Moo was established by Cattleyard Promotions and their first festival was held on Sunday 24 April 2005 in Gloucester, New South Wales.

Can 13 year olds go to the gym?

Kids 13 and up can use the Strength & Cardio space without an adult, but still must make sure to go through an orientation. Gyms- Kids under 10 can use the gyms with a parent.

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