Is Mona in love with Hanna?

Is Mona in love with Hanna?

Her head is always in the game and she is always ready with a plan. Many of her actions stem from her need for knowledge and validation, but so many are also centered on her true love for Hanna. Though the other Liars may never fully come around to Mona, it’s obvious that Hanna still trusts her.

Is Jenna really blind?

In Season 2, Jenna got an eye surgery and was fully able to see throughout the third season. However, going into Season 4, the operation proved to only have temporary effects as she began to lose her sight again. While she was still blind, Jenna was made to believe that Garrett, whom she dated, killed Alison.

What race is Mona vanderwaal?

Janel Parrish is an American actress and singer who portrayed Mona Vanderwaal in Pretty Little Liars (2010). She was born Janel Meilani Parrish on October 30, 1988 in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, to parents Joanne (Mew) and Mark Phillip Parrish. Her mother is of Chinese descent and her father is Caucasian.

Was Wren supposed to be a?

Apparently, Wren wasn’t always supposed to be just a helper — according to a new interview, the English doc could have earned his own A badge. Back in season 5, Wren was a popular candidate for Big A — many fans thought he was Charles DiLaurentis, Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) long-lost brother.

Does Mona hate Hannah?

She really wanted to get Hanna back all to herself. Mona hates Hanna the most because the other three were Allison’s friend, but Hanna was her friend. She feels the most personally betrayed by Hanna.”

Is Mona actually crazy?

Mona was not ever crazy. Mona is a good liar and she pretended to have a mental illness.

Who Killed Mrs DiLaurentis?

sister Mary Drake
This article revolves around the death of Jessica DiLaurentis. She was murdered by her twin sister Mary Drake in “A is for Answers”, and buried in the Hastings’ backyard by Charlotte DiLaurentis, who discovered her body outside the DiLaurentis house.

Who is Jenna talking to in UnmAsked?

The scene where Jenna meets the stranger in “UnmAsked” is recreated, this time revealing it was Shana who she met. Shana is wearing a scarf, in which Jenna gave her. They appear to be in a romantic relationship.

Why did Mona fake her death PLL?

In the second half of the season, it is revealed that Mona never believed Alison was “A” and that she faked her death as part of “A’s” plan to get Alison into jail, so that she could find out their true identity. She now has blonde hair and is locked inside “A’s” dollhouse, being forced to pretend to be Alison.

Who killed Mona vanderwaal?

Mona’s kidnapper was an anonymous character that was revealed to have been Charlotte DiLaurentis as A in Game Over, Charles.

Who is A off PLL?

In the show’s series finale, Uber A’s identity is revealed to be Alex Drake, Spencer’s twin sister who was put up for adoption at birth. She desperately craves vengeance over the tragic passing of Charlotte DiLaurentis, who was her half-sister, and is trying to seek out the person responsible.

Is Wren A bad guy in Pretty Little Liars?

Wren Kingston is a minor antagonist on the Freeform TV show Pretty Little Liars.

Who is Mona Vanderwaal in PLL?

Mona Vanderwaal is a fictional character in the Pretty Little Liars book series, its television adaptation, and the spin-off TV series Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. In the TV shows, she is portrayed by Janel Parrish .

What happened to Janel Parrish Mona Vanderwaal?

Janel Parrish initially auditioned for the role of Spencer Hastings, which went to Troian Bellisario. The Hollywood Reporter later revealed that Parrish had won the role of Mona Vanderwaal. In March 2012, she was promoted from recurring to series regular for the third season.

What are the names of the Mona Vanderwaal characters?

Crazy (by Spencer) Madhouse Mona (by Caleb) Mona Monster (by Caleb) Freak (by everybody in school) Mona 2.0 (by Spencer) Ali Dee (nurse disguise is Radley) Mona Vanderwaal is a student at Rosewood High School and a former nerd who used to idolize Alison DiLaurentis.

Will there be a Mona Vanderwaal spin-off?

Writers for numerous media outlets, including Entertainment Weekly,, BuddyTV, and, called for a spin-off focusing on Mona Vanderwaal.