Is Nukeproof bike good?

Is Nukeproof bike good?

Overall, testers found that the bike climbed efficiently with its steep seat tube angle and progressive shock tune. Additionally, it descends like a dream, making it a world-class enduro beast.

How much does Nukeproof mega weigh?

Full Specs

Comp Pro
Headset Nukeproof, 44-56 IITS Nukeproof, 44-56 IITS
Grips Nukeproof Sam Hill Signature Nukeproof Sam Hill Signature
Bearings Enduro Bearings Enduro Bearings
Weight(Size Medium) 15.5Kgs/34.2bs (Tubeless) 14.6Kgs/32.2lbs (Tubeless)

Where is Nukeproof bikes made?

Belfast, Northern Ireland
Now designed and developed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Nukeproof products are sold through select independent bike dealers around the globe. The brand continues to evolve whilst retaining its proud history and traditions of being crafted by riders.

How much travel does the Nukeproof mega have?

Full Specs. Nukeproof Mega V4 290 Carbon, 160mm Travel, ultra-strong monocoque UD Carbon Fibre frame, internally piped cable routing, ISCG 05 mounts, Enduro Bearings, Threaded 73mm BB, Boost 148mm rear axle spacing, 3D contoured Rubber frame protection and Factory fitted clear paint protection kit covering TT/DT/CS/SS.

Is Nukeproof a good brand?

With the value of the U.S. dollar tanking at the moment, we can’t be certain about the U.S. pricing of this UK-based brand in the future, but for the experienced rider seeking a gravity-leaning brand with incredible price-to-performance value, Nukeproof should be at the top of the list.

Are Nukeproof bikes made in China?

Nukeproof follows suit with the wider bike industry by having its frames manufactured in Asian factories. Getting bikes made in China and Taiwan is far more affordable than having them made in Western territories.

How does the Nukeproof mega climb?

Climbing. As version 4 of the Mega, Nukeproof have steepened the seat tube angle to give the rider a more comfortable riding position. This helps to generate the power you need to fight through the very moderate pedal squat that can happen.

Whats the difference between Nukeproof 275 and 290?

The Nukeproof Scout 275 Comp and Scout 290 Comp are both aluminium frame hardtail trail bikes with upper mid-range components. The Scout 275 Comp has 27.5″ wheels and a bigger fork, while the Scout 290 Comp has 29″ wheels and higher gearing.

Are Vitus and Nukeproof the same?

What both brands have in common is that they are both in-house brands for Chain Reaction Cycles, the online retail giant. …

Is the Nukeproof mega playful?

This created 134.42 mm of trail on the front wheel to add to the improved responsiveness throughout the bike, front to back. It has definitely gone from a fast and steep bomber to a more playful all arounder with the small changes that Nukeproof have made, and we are all for it.

How much does the Nukeproof reactor weigh?


Price GBP £4700.00
Weight 13.65kg (M) – without pedals
Brand Nukeproof

What is a Downcountry bike?

In short, downcountry bikes are lightweight XC-style frames with added travel, trail-friendly geometry and wider, nobbly tyres. The result? Bikes that will cover ground extremely fast but still let you charge down descents.