Is Storage Wars TV show fake?

Is Storage Wars TV show fake?

Case in point: A&E’s immensely popular Storage Wars is not actual reality TV. It’s a staged, scripted drama, meant to entertain and garner ratings. He launched a lawsuit against the producers in 2012, and the legal filing is an eye-opening peek into all the ways Storage Wars is fake.

Are the auctions on Storage Wars real?

But when asked about the show’s authenticity, Brandi was insistent that their hauls are 100 percent real. “They’re public auctions. It would be collusion, which is against the law, to tamper with any of the storage units prior to [the auction],” she said, “because anyone can come to these auctions.”

Was the fight on Storage Wars real?

Hester alleges it was fake all along Hester, otherwise known as “The Mogul,” filed a complaint with the Los Angeles Superior Court against A&E and Original Production, claiming everything about the show was staged.

Do they use their own money on Storage Wars?

Since A&E has admitted that the show is staged, one wonders how much of his own money Weiss and his fellow cast members actually use to bid on storage lockers. There’s a decent chance that they all use borrowed money that they have to return to their producers after each episode.

Is Storage Hunters UK real or staged?

The real-life storage hunters Often, auctions are held online, but sometimes British companies will make a big show of doing a US-style auction, where people can attend in person to place frenzied bids on mystery containers.

Who died on Storage Wars?

Mark Balelo
‘Storage Wars’ Death: Mark Balelo Committed Suicide, Medical Examiner Confirms. “Storage Wars” star Mark Balelo, who was found dead on Monday at the age of 40, committed suicide by inhaling exhaust fumes, the Ventura County medical examiner’s office said.

What Storage Wars guy dies?

Balelo was 40. Mark Balelo, an auction-house owner who appeared as a buyer on A&Es hit reality TV show Storage Wars, has died in an apparent suicide, according to news reports.

Did Barry from Storage Wars died?

It was a personal decision. Although there were initially some rumors that Barry had passed away, Barry actually left because he wanted to get back to his original job of “professional slacker.” (Sounds like typical Barry to us.) “I had a blast,” he said in an interview about his time on Storage Wars.

Does Dave Hester have a wife?

Donna Hester
Dave Hester/Wife

How did Barry Weiss become rich?

Career. Prior to becoming a reality star, Weiss and his brother made a fortune in the produce business. He spent more than 25 years building a wholesale produce business, then retired to focus on storage hunting. The business eventually gave Barry enough money to retire and spend several years traveling the world.

Where is Sean Kelly storage hunters from?

Background. Sean Kelly grew up in Germany. After leaving school, he worked as a store detective before joining the Army, becoming a German interpreter, and then being stationed in Iraq. He then worked as an auctioneer, and compering comedy clubs at night.

Who is Linda Lambert?

Linda Lambert, Ed. D. is professor emeritus at California State University, East Bay, and president of Lambert Leadership Development. Other awards include International Book of the Year from NSDC (The Constructivist Leader, 1997), Outstanding California Educator, Phi Delta Kappa and CSU Professor of the Year.

Is’Storage Wars’fake?

Storage Wars might be fake and one or more of the female stars might have had plastic surgery, but it seems like you’ve got plenty of ammunition against the network without having to drag the other cast members into it. Before the stars of Storage Wars can find treasure among the cardboard and Rubbermaid, there first must be an auction.

Is Storage Wars real or fake?

So you might actually be disappointed to hear that some of the treasure-hunting reality shows like Storage Wars aren’t reality — they’re scripted and staged and, yes, totally fake. And sometimes we get remarkable insight into the whole process of fakery, thanks to a disgruntled employee who is suing the network.

Is Dave Hester’s’Storage Wars’fake?

Then someone like Dave Hester comes along and wrecks it for everyone. Yes, that’s right, Dave Hester — one of the stars of A&E’s Storage Wars — not only told the world the show was fake, he laid it all down in a lawsuit he filed against A&E Network in late 2012.

Is Storage Wars being filmed to increase the value of units?

There are also reports that visitors to storage wars filming sites have seen unit tampering go down and that attendees have been coached by the crew to do certain things to up the show value such as arguing over a unit.