Is Suzuki APV a good car?

Is Suzuki APV a good car?

The Suzuki APV is a traditional van that has long been trusted for its large 8-seater layout for its passengers. I have been driving this phenomenal travel van for about seven months now. Overall, it is the ideal vehicle for going on distant trips and I would recommend it to all the travel agencies.

Is Suzuki APV a van?

The Suzuki APV is a minivan/light commercial vehicle designed by Suzuki in Japan and manufactured in Indonesia by Suzuki Indomobil Motor. The abbreviation “APV” is short for All Purpose Vehicle.

Is Suzuki APV gasoline engine?

Suzuki APV Specs & Features The Suzuki APV is offered Gasoline engine in the Philippines. The new Minivans from Suzuki comes in a total of 2 variants. If we talk about Suzuki APV engine specs then the Gasoline engine displacement is 1590 cc. APV is available with Manual transmission.

How many cc is a Suzuki APV?

If we talk about Suzuki APV Arena engine specs then the Petrol engine displacement is 1493 cc. APV Arena is available with Manual transmission. Also, depending on the variant and fuel type the APV Arena has a fuel consumption of 8 kmpl in city & 11.2 kmpl on highway.

Is Suzuki APV fuel-efficient?

The Suzuki APV is very fuel-efficient. It sips fuel at around 8.9L/100km on combined driveways.

Is Suzuki van reliable?

Suzuki Carry (99-05) reliability, common problems & faults Generally mechanically robust, though it needs to have been regularly serviced to maintain this. The interior isn’t as heavy duty, though, and much of the trim can be easily damaged. This is likely to especially evident on older vans.

Is Suzuki APV fuel efficient?

How much is a Suzuki APV?

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APV GA 1.6L – M/T ₱651,000
APV GLX 1.6L – M/T ₱843,000

Is Suzuki APV rear wheel drive?

The APV is also rear-wheel-drive where its rivals send power to the front.

Is Suzuki APV an AUV?

Suzuki APV 2022 is a 8 Seater Minivans available between a price range of ₱651,000 – ₱843,000 in the Philippines. It is available in 6 colors, 2 variants, 1 engine, and 1 transmissions option: Manual in the Philippines….Suzuki APV Price In Philippines.

Quezon City ₱651,000 – ₱843,000
Bacoor ₱651,000 – ₱843,000