Is the 350 rocket a good engine?

Is the 350 rocket a good engine?

GM often mixed and matched its 350s with different make and model cars. However, other than the Cadillac Seville, the Rocket 350 only powered Olds models. Although it was generally a dependable engine, the Rocket 350 suffered from a weak oil system and troublesome valve train.

How much horsepower does a 350 rocket Oldsmobile motor have?

-325 hp
350. Produced from 1968–1980, the Rocket 350 was entirely different from the other GM divisions’ 350s. It used a very oversquare 4.057 in (103.0 mm) bore and Oldsmobile small-block standard 3.385 in (86.0 mm) stroke for 350 cu in (5.7 L). Output ranged from 160-325 hp (119-242 kW).

How much does it cost to rebuild a 350 rocket?

$600 to $3,500 depending upon how involved you want to get with the thing. Generally, for a “good” rebuild that doesn’t really get beyond ‘mild 350’ standards, you’re looking at about $1,600-2,500 depending upon location.

How much horsepower does a Buick 350 have?

See all 33 photos 27 Exhaling through the factory log-style iron exhaust manifolds, the warmed-over 350 delivered 290.2 hp at 4,300 rpm. Buick’s reputation for hefty low-end torque was upheld with 396.3 lb-ft at 3,400 rpm with no less than three-quarters of it available at any point below 4,900 rpm.

How can I make my 350 faster?

No matter what application your Chevy 350 motor is in, a few simple steps can get you more better performance and higher horsepower.

  1. Modify your air intake.
  2. Modify your exhaust.
  3. Change your camshafts and valve train.
  4. Purchase new cylinder heads, or have yours ported and polished.
  5. Have your motor rebuilt and blueprinted.

Is there such thing as a 350 big block?

But it is largely recognized for its ubiquitous 350-ci variant, which seems to have been produced countlessly. Chevy production big-blocks range from 348-ci to 454-ci in passenger cars, but have also been offered in other displacements for different applications.

Is a Pontiac 400 a big block?

Ford 332 (5.4 litre) Interceptor big block V8. A Chevrolet Camaro 396 had a big block, but a Pontiac Firebird 400 did not. Buick and Oldsmobile 455s were big blocks, but a Pontiac 455 was not. Thus, segregating engines and engine families into small and big block categories became useful shorthand.

How much does cylinder head work cost?

Cylinder Head Replacement Cost – RepairPal Estimate. Labor costs are estimated between $1,196 and $1,508 while parts are priced between $2,177 and $2,205. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed.

Is a big block faster than a small block?

Big block engines are larger in size and weigh more, but they produce more consistent power and torque to overcome the weight. Small block engines are smaller for better acceleration and handling, but more recently built models can be just as powerful as big block engines.

What color are Oldsmobile engines?

Oldsmobile Engine Color

CID Year Color
350 1968 – 1972 Gold
350 1973 – 1977 Metallic Blue
400 1965 – 1969 Bronze
403 1977 – 1979 Metallic Blue

What kind of engine does a Rocket 350 have?

Produced from 1968 through 1980, the Rocket 350 was entirely different from the famous Chevrolet 350 ( It used a 4.057 in (103 mm) bore and Oldsmobile small-block standard 3.385 in (86 mm) stroke for 350 in (5.7 L).

What kind of engine does an Oldsmobile Rocket have?

It used a 4.057 in (103 mm) bore and Oldsmobile small-block standard 3.385 in (86 mm) stroke for 350 in³ (5.7 L). 1968-1974 350s were painted gold, while 1975-1980 models were metallic blue, at which time the “Rocket” name disappeared from the air cleaner decal. Output ranged from 160 to 320 hp (119 to 238 kW).

What is the difference between a Chevy 350 Rocket and olds?

OLDS =*a left handed chevy* They have many differences, chevy being generally the better choice for performance builds. Olds small blocks (260-403 cid) all have a 3.385 inch stroke. Olds achieves more displacement by applying different bore diameters .The 350 rocket has a 4.057 inch bore.

How can you tell if a 350 is a stock 350?

If its an olds 350 then its always the same bore and stroke. If the bore is larger than 4.057 inches, then its not a stock* olds 350. Some oldsmobile cars offered a 350 oldsmobile or buick 350 engine.