Is the Cape May Zoo free?

Is the Cape May Zoo free?

Admission to The Cape May County Park & Zoo is completely FREE. Your donations keep us free.

What is free in New Jersey?

The next time you visit New Jersey, try this roundup of free attractions.

  • Cape May County Park & Zoo.
  • Princeton University Art Museum.
  • Drumthwacket.
  • Heritage Glass Museum.
  • Howell Living History Farm.
  • The Center for Contemporary Art.
  • Twin Lights Historic Site.
  • Bridgeton Hall of Fame All Sports Museum.

Do you need a reservation for Cape May Zoo?

No pets are permitted on park grounds. Pavilions are available by permit only with a required fee. Reservations are to be made in advance. The speed limit is 10 mph inside the Park. Alcohol is strictly prohibited at all Cape May County Park facilities.

Who owns Cape May Zoo?

The carousel has zoo animals for riding seats unlike the traditional horses on most carousels. Cape May County Zoological Society/ZooFriends, a 501(c)3 non-profit NJ corporation, is the official Support Organization of the Cape May County Park & Zoo….Cape May County Park & Zoo.

Memberships AZA

How long does it take to walk through Cape May Zoo?

2 hours
How long does it take to go through the Cape May Zoo? Expect at least 2 hours to walk through the zoo.

Is the Cape May Zoo open during Covid?

Please follow CDC guidelines! Update August 1, 2021: Obviously do not visit if you are feeling ill or running a fever.

What can I do today in Jersey?

Top Attractions in Jersey

  • Plemont Bay. 309. Bodies of Water • Beaches.
  • Elizabeth Castle. 3,318. Castles.
  • The SandWizard. Art Galleries. Open now.
  • LibertyBus. 875. Public Transportation Systems.
  • St. Brelade’s Bay Beach.
  • Jersey Museum & Art Gallery. 1,115.
  • Jersey War Tunnels – German Underground Hospital. 5,615.
  • Howard Davis Park. 592.

Do I need to wear a mask at the Cape May Zoo?

Face coverings are now required inside our Reptile House and World of Birds. Social distancing is suggested where possible when outside.

How long does it take to walk through the Cape May Zoo?

How is Cape May Zoo funded?

The Cape May zoo raised more money through donations last year than Bridgeton zoo’s annual budget. In all, $694,760 was donated to the zoo, as well as $325,000 in concession fees from its contract with Aramark, Cape May County Administrator Stephen O’Connor said. Zoo expenses still reach $1.65 million each year.

Can you bring food into Cape May Zoo?

No food is to be brought inside the Zoo, but drinks are allowed. A variety of refreshments are for sale in designated food areas within the Zoo. Never leave personal belongings unattended. Visitors may not sit, stand on or climb on exhibits, fences, railings or gardens.