Is Tohatsu the same as mercury?

Is Tohatsu the same as mercury?

Tohatsu is Japan’s oldest outboard manufacturer. Mercury Marine is a division of Brunswick Corporation and many of the smaller Mercury Outboards are just rebranded Tohatsu Engines. In addition, the entire line of Nissan outboards are rebranded Tohatsus.

Is Tohatsu made by Honda?

The eight new outboards — 60-, 75-, 90-, 115-, 150-, 200-, 225- and 250-hp models — are manufactured by Honda and rebranded under the Tohatsu name, Kurt Gardener, national sales manager for Tohatsu America Corp., told Trade Only Today this morning.

Is Nissan and Tohatsu the same?

Nissan Outboards. Nissan Marine has discontinued sales of their outboard motors manufactured by Tohatsu Outboards, a long time partner and manufacturer for Nissan Marine. Tohatsu outboards are identical and their parts and accessories are fully compatible with all existing Nissan Marine engines.

Are Mercury and Tohatsu parts interchangeable?

So, if Tohatsu makes Merc, are the parts not interchangeable, is a merc shop not equally equipped to service a Tohatsu as it is a Merc if they are essentially the same motor.

How reliable are Tohatsu outboards?

Tohatsu outboard motors have a reputation as being one of the most durable and reliable motors available. They were originally designed and produced for the Japanese commercial fishing fleet. They have been tested repeatedly. In addition, all the new technology that Tohatsu has developed has been tested thoroughly.

Are Tohatsu outboard engines good?

Tohatsu, Japan’s oldest outboard manufacturer, has been producing high quality, durable outboard motors since 1956. The ocean-tested engineering that enables Tohatsu engines to work under intense demand and harsh conditions makes Tohatsu one of the toughest, most reliable engines on the market.

How often should you change the lower unit oil?

once a year
Most sterndrive and outboard manufacturers advise you to change the gearcase oil in your lower unit every 100 hours or once a year (whichever comes first). Clean oil is critical for protecting the heavily loaded gears in your lower unit and preventing expensive damage.

Are Tohatsu engines any good?

Tohatsu outboard motors are widely recognized as being top-quality, bullet-proof engines. They are designed and engineered with ocean-tested technology, with fishing and harsh saltwater conditions in mind. These outboards have proven to run smoothly under intense demand and in any weather.

Are Suzuki outboards made by Tohatsu?

In the world of petrol outboards, we sell portable motors made by Suzuki and Tohatsu. It’s worth noting that in the sizes we sell (up to about 30hp) Mercury and Mariner branded outboards are in fact mechanically identical to Tohatsu – because Tohatsu make all three in their high-tech factory in Japan.

When did tohatsu start making Mercury outboards?

In 1987, Mercury Marine and Tohatsu Corporation created a joint venture called Tohatsu Marine Corporation (TMC) to manufacture smaller outboards. Right now all Mercury models 30 horsepower and less are manufactured by TMC in Japan.

How long do Tohatsu outboards last?

How Long Do Tohatsu Outboard Engines Typically Last? While Tohatsu outboard engines are considered bullet-proof by their fans, you can typically expect an outboard to last between 2,000 – 3,000 hours before it needs any serious maintenance.

What are the most reliable outboard motors?

So before you make any moves, be sure to check out these 10 best-of-the-best outboard engines.

  • Suzuki DF25. Above: Hour upon hour of testing has proven the reliability and easy starting of the DF25.
  • Yamaha F25.
  • Mercury 75/90/115.
  • Torqeedo Deep Blue.
  • Suzuki DF90.
  • Yamaha V-Max SHO 115.
  • Evinrude ETEC G2.
  • Yamaha F250.

Are Nissan and Tohatsu the same?

Many people ask if Nissan and Tohatsu outboards are the same and the answer is yes. Nissan Marine was founded in 1984 and from that time onwards every single Nissan marine outboard was manufactured by Tohatsu and rebadged as a Nissan.

Where are Tohatsu outboards made?

Mercury Outboards, 30 Hp and less, are made by Tohatsu in Japan. Mercury Marine builds 40, 50 and 60 horsepower outboard motors in Suzhou, China. Mercury also manufactures engines over 75 horsepower at its facility in Fond du Lac in Wisconsin.

Where are Tohatsu motors made?

Tohatsu manufacture all small engines for brunswick marine who own mercury outboards and mariner outboards, brunswick marine also have shares in tohatsu themselves (around 40%), tohatsu and brunswick have factories around the world, but the majority of tohatsu engines are manufactured in japan and china.

Who makes Tohatsu outboard motors?

Tohatsu produces outboards sold under their own brand, as well as for other companies. For instance, all Nissan outboard engines sold in North America were Tohatsus with a Nissan decal. In 1988 Tohatsu and Brunswick Corporation set up a joint venture named Tohatsu Marine Corporation.