Is trombone good for jazz?

Is trombone good for jazz?

Generally, jazz soloists or pop players lean towards the punchy sound of a small-bell trombone, whilst the wider bells are great for that warmer tone. It’s also worth noting that the material used in the bell can also make a big impact on the final sound.

What trombone did JJ Johnson play on?

King Tenor Slide Trombone
Johnson. This trombone was previously owned and played by James Louis Johnson (1924-2001), an American jazz trombonist, composer and arranger.

What type of trombone is used in jazz?

The most common type of trombone used in jazz music is the tenor jazz trombone, though other type of trombones are also common. Many variations of the basic tenor trombone exist in jazz groups. In a jazz ensemble, there is typically not one type of trombone, but a mix of a few different types.

Did Jack Teagarden sing?

Vernon, Texas, U.S. Weldon Leo “Jack” Teagarden (August 20, 1905 – January 15, 1964) was an American jazz trombonist and singer.

Why is the trombone so important in jazz music?

From Kid Ory in Louis Armstrong’s Hot 5 to Al Gande in Bix Beiderbecke’s Wolverines, the trombone was there. Similarly, as the swing and big band era was ushered in, the trombone section provided a vital role in the colours of the music – as it did in some of the most legendary cool jazz albums of all time.

Who is the best jazz trombonist of all time?

Offstage, he’s been credited with progressing the design of the trombone, including innovations around the comfort of the slide, an improved water hole and a chrome-plated neck. Perhaps the best known jazz trombonist of all time, J.J. Johnson was the first one of the earliest musicians on the instrument to play in the bebop style.

What is a graduate degree in jazz voice?

Jazz voice is offered for graduate applicants who wish to pursue a Master of Music degree. The jazz voice program at Manhattan School of Music is designed to prepare each vocalist to be an exceptional performer who is able to function in today’s business of music.

Is Robin Eubanks the best jazz trombone player?

Perhaps most staggering are his thematic albums of the 1990s, transcending normal tune playing and similar to Kirk’s concept albums of previous decades.” Born 1955 in Philadelphia, Robin Eubanks is widely considered the premier jazz trombone player of his generation.