Should Lyddie sign the petition Prezi?

Should Lyddie sign the petition Prezi?

Lyddie shouldn’t sign the petition because she needs the money to reunite her family. The other good reason for Lyddie to not sign the petition is she has no where else to go. While Lyddie is working at the factory, she hears that if you get fired, than you will be blacklisted.

How does Lyddie respond to her injury How does Diana help her?

Diana insists that Lyddie go home. Diana gets her doctor friend to come examine Lyddie, and he further treats the wound. Lyddie’s response to her injury is to simply work through the pain and discomfort by sheer will power alone.

How is Lyddie not free?

The girls work long hours and have few rights. “I ain’t a slave” is a mantra that Lyddie repeats to remind herself that she could always leave, but she feels enslaved to the family debt. Until she gets that money, she will never be actually free and her family will remain apart.

How old is Lyddie?


How did Lyddie get her job?

Bedlow become friends, and Mrs. Bedlow buys Lyddie clothes and gets her a job at a factory and a room in a boardinghouse. Lyddie’s roommates also work at the same factory. In chapter 9, Lyddie begins her job in the weaving room at the factory.

What happened when Lyddie return to Cutler’s Tavern?

Lyddie returns to the tavern, because it is what she needs to do to pay off her family’s debts. Unfortunately, Mrs. Cutler is already back at the tavern. Lyddie is not heartbroken, because now she is able to go to Lowell and become a factory girl.

Why does Lyddie return to the tavern Chapter 23?

Lyddie told Triphena that Mama had died and Uncle Judah had sold the farm. Lyddie felt sad telling Triphena how her life had seemed to have turned out. Lyddie told Triphena that she wanted to come back and work at the tavern.

How does Lyddie respond to being fired?

Lyddie feels resentful of the injustice when she is fired, but she knows that there is nothing she can do about it. Mr. Marsden targeted Lyddie because she saw him harassing Brigid and stopped him. Mr.

How is Lyddie strong?

Expert Answers Hover for more information. Lyddie’s greatest strength is her determination. Once she sets her mind on something, nothing but nothing will hold her back.

How is Lyddie brave?

Lyddie shows daily bravery just by keeping things going in her mother’s negligence. He has gone off prospecting, and she never expects him to return. As a result, she has gone “queer” according to Lyddie. She decides to leave her farm and go to Uncle Judah’s, but Lyddie knows they can’t all just get up and leave.

What are some of Lyddie’s weaknesses?

What are Lyddie’s weaknesses? examples: She can’t read well and therefore can’t read through the contract she signs with the mill. She is not good at trusting other people to do things for her.

How is Lyddie determined?

A bear comes into her family’s home, and while everybody else is running for their lives, Lyddie stands up to the bear and gets it to leave. Later, Lyddie is put to work at Cutler’s Tavern in order to pay down some debts. Lyddie is also determined to earn the money back in order to get her family farm back.