Tips for creating an essay

In this guide we will tell you about the main stages for making a perfect composition.

Step 1: formulate your idea

It is not so easy to write a good material at the very least, but without a pre-definitely formulated thought, the goal is almost impossible. In this regard, before you start to write, you need to clearly formulate the topic. For this purpose, it is necessary to determine the pairs in the spirit of “statement-argument”.

The statement is a complete representation of what you think to convey to the reader. Commonly in the content of essay you need to make at least three points. For example, you want to write an essay on the problem of “What exactly is unsafe envy”, theses to him have every chance to look like this: envious citizen will become angry, it is hard to be surprised by the success of others, he does not want to favor anyone; in the current world of gloss and Instagram these individuals is difficult to maintain contact with the others, envy generates socialism and contributes to isolation; envious person rejoices in the misfortunes of others, he will not seek to prevent injustice.

Guess it happens and the only thing in common for the whole text. In the implementation of any thesis it is necessary to select arguments, or rather confirming their cases and examples. Depending on the type of essay it is some kind of picture of real life, quote, footnote on research and more

Step 2: create a basic organization

Simplicity is not easy. In addition, this means that for the production of an excellent essay there is no need to fill it with a very large number of facts, branches, stylish writing techniques. One of the key subtleties of prosperity is a balanced structure.

In the process of its creation, it is appropriate to base on the statements and arguments created in the previous step: prologue – in such a component, the main statements of the essay are indicated; the main body – there are paragraphs with arguments given in support of the thesis, submitted in the form suitable for works of a separate kind; conclusion – in this section you do not mention the fundamental idea of the new, but draw conclusions according to the evidence.

Phase three: if you need, use the spare technicians

When you need to write a thing immediately, there can be trouble with the name “fear of the white sheet.” Even if a writer understands what he needs to write about, the first step is the most difficult.

Factors trembling white sheet can be quite a lot: from the transient in the manner of “lacking attitude”, to very clear like paralyzing horror to get a bad assessment for the job at home or excessive perfectionism. Of course, the lack of practice is also bad.

Experiments and tests show that this problem can be solved by using the models of articles. The idea is easy – it is hard for people to write at least a sentence, so that the page is no longer empty. If there is already a certain text in which it is necessary to introduce corrections – it is much easier to make it psychologically.

According to the Ghost blog, the use of sample text helps increase the speed of writing posts by 600%.

Step four: subtract material

After you’ve overcome your white sheet fear and created an essay, it’s advisable to reread it a few more times and correct the mistakes. When you write it on the Internet, it’s a great idea to use specialized editing and grammar checking capabilities. These technologies will allow to correct typos, reduce grammatical mistakes and improve the style of the essay.