Tips for writing an essay

In the presented article we describe the essence about the key measures for the compilation of the best essays.

Phase one: generate an idea

To write at least good material is not so easy, but without a pre-precisely formulated idea the problem will be impossible. Therefore, before trying to write, need to strictly define the subject. On this subject you should make your choice with couples in the spirit of “guess-proof”.

Assumption is a full-fledged concept that you have decided to bring to the reader. As a rule, it is appropriate to include at least three theses in the text of the essay. For example, you decide to write an essay on “What is dangerous envy”, theses to him have every chance to look like this: envious person will be evil, it is hard to be surprised at the successes around, he is not going to help anyone; in the present world of gloss and Instagram like people will be hard to know with the rest, envy causes unsociability and promotes isolation; envious person rejoices the failures of others, he will not seek to interfere with injustice.

The statement may well be one, the total for the whole essay. In support of each thesis it is necessary to choose arguments, in other words proving their facts and examples. Depending on the type of composition it is a certain picture of real life, a quote, a reference to the development and so on

Phase two: develop a basic structure

It is not easy. Among other things, this means that for writing a good work it does not make sense to saturate it with a large number of facts, branches, excellent literary techniques. One of the most important secrets of luck is the detailed structure.

In the process of its organization it is practical to refer to the ideas and proofs specified in the former stage: introduction – in a similar component the basic theses of the essay are specified; the main section – in this place there are paragraphs with the arguments given to the help of the thesis submitted in the shape suitable for essays of concrete type; conclusion – in a similar element you do not analyze the main idea again, and develop conclusions according to the presented reasons.

Step 3: use additional techniques if required

When you need to write something directly in an urgent order, can be formed trouble under the name “fear of the white sheet”. Although the Creator knows what exactly he needs to write, to carry out the first step can sometimes be the hardest.

The reasons for the fear of the white sheet can be many: from the ephemeral type of “no mood”, to a fairly clear type of paralyzing horror to get a bad mark for homework or excessive perfectionism. Of course, the lack of practice is also not reflected in the best way.

Experiments determine that this problem can be solved by the use of essay templates. The concept is elementary – it is difficult for people to write at least a sentence so that the sheet is no longer empty. And since there will now be some text where it is necessary to make changes – to make it much easier mentally.

According to the Ghost blog, the use of sample content can increase the speed of writing posts by 600%.

Measure four: consider the text

After you overcome the fear of the white paper and create an essay, you need to re-read it a few more times and correct the mistakes. When you write it online, then it’s a good idea to use specialized editing and grammar checking capabilities. Such features help to correct typos, eliminate grammar errors and improve the style of the text.