Tips for writing essays

In the present note we will give information about the main steps for writing a perfect composition.

Step 1: complete your idea

To write at least a standard material is not easy, but without a pre-precisely composed idea, the goal will become practically impossible. That’s why before you start writing, you should accurately Express the theme. To do this, you need to clarify with the pairs of the form “statement-reason”.

An assumption is a complete statement that you intend to convey to the reader. Usually in the words of the essay it is necessary to use at least three theses. For example, you decide to create an essay on “What exactly is dangerous envy”, theses to it can look like this: envious person will be unkind, it is hard to admire the prosperity of being around, he does not intend to favor anyone; in the current world of gloss and Instagram, such people will be difficult to contact with others, envy generates unsociability and promotes loneliness; envious person triumphs the failures of others, he will not try to resist injustice.

The thesis can be one, common for the whole essay. To help each thesis should be in mind reasons, in other words, confirming their data and examples. Depending on the type of essay it is a kind of problem of real life, excerpt, mention of research and so on

Step 2: prepare the basic structure

Naturalness is not easy. In addition, it follows that for the sake of creating a great essay, there is nothing to stuff it with a huge number of facts, divisions, stylish literary methods. One of the fundamental secrets of luck is the detailed design.

In the process of its formation it is rational to rely on the theses and reasons mentioned in the last paragraph: Preface – in this section the most important ideas of the work are mentioned; the main section – there are paragraphs with evidence, facts to help the thesis, which are presented in the form suitable for the essay of a separate class; conclusion – in such an element you do not understand the key idea again, but rather develop conclusions according to the arguments presented.

Step 3: use auxiliary tools when needed

In case you need to write a thing right now, there may be a difficulty called “fear of the white sheet.” Despite the fact that the Creator sees exactly what he needs to write about, the first step can be the most difficult.

The reasons for the fear of the white sheet is quite a lot: from transient like “lack of mood”, to a rather specific kind of immobilizing fear of getting a bad mark for homework or excessive perfectionism. Of course, the lack of practice is equally lousy.

Experiments show that it is possible to solve this problem by using text templates. The idea is easy – it is quite difficult for a person to create at least a sentence so that the sheet is no longer empty. When there will already be some text where it is necessary to introduce changes – it is much easier to create psychologically.

According to the blog service Ghost, the operation of article layouts allows to increase the speed of writing articles by six hundred percent.

Measure 4: analyze the text

After a while, when you overcome the fear of the white sheet and wrote the text, it is important to read it a few more times and correct the errors. In that case, if you make it online, in this case, a good idea would be to use special technology for proofreading and grammar control. Such technologies help to correct typos, eliminate grammatical errors and improve the style of the essay.