Tips To Make Promotional Videos In 5 Steps

Tips To Make Promotional Videos In 5 Steps

Video is the future of online marketing. Also, you can use it in several ways, from advertisements and social media posts to emails and marketing sites; feasibilities are endless.

Do you want to produce a promo video? But how do you cover the journey from “Want to produce a video” to “actually producing one?” Seems knotty, right? Thankfully, it is not so. Producing a promo video is pretty simple! Irrespective of the size, domain, and budget of a company, there is a basic format from ideation to the final cut that every company follows while making a video.

How to make a promo video?

Below are the basic guidelines that will help you get your video formation idea out, right from your brain to the screen of your audience!

  • Script out the video:

Scripting is the first and foremost step of video creation. Step into the journey of scripting from the key concept, “what are you promoting?” Once you are set with the products/services, you need to promote, next come up with a playful theme, “what is your perspective on promo video?”

  • Are you focusing on a pain point for your audiences?
  • Is it holiday-themed?
  • Or is it event-based?

Make sure how you want to keep the theme of the video. Having set the theme, now it is time to focus on the keywords you should use to get the most of your promo video. What are a few trending keywords or search terms related to your offerings that your customers use while looking for your video and what can remind them about your video?

Keep your script short. The final part of the scripting process is to decide the duration of your video. Can it be a 30-second video? 1 minute? A minute and a half? 5 minutes? Promos can be 30 seconds shorter to 5 minutes longer also.

For instance, if you are promoting your holiday sale, a 30-second video is good to get your point across. But if you want your audiences’ cheek rolling out with tears, you will probably need 2 minutes+ ads to do the job. However, since the viewers tend to have a very shorter attention span, going for the longer duration video will not help. 30 seconds or less are the sweet spots, mainly if the script is straightforward.

  • Storyboard your vision:

Once you have scripted it out, it is time to storyboard your vision, “how your video will look like?” A storyboard is a set of well-organized graphics, arranged in the sequence; they should flow in the video. During the process of storyboarding, a promo video maker breaks down the script into individual shots or frames, describing the transitions between shots and actions that should be visible at that moment.

Often a promo video requires visual aids like text, title cards, graphics, etc. Thus, you should plan all such visuals through a storyboard. Even if your goal is to promote an upcoming sale and you are trying to showcase your storefront in a montage format, you should storyboard all the visuals you want to feature in advance. The earlier you plan, the easier it will be to set and shoot!

For instance, if your video is about promoting an upcoming event, you will most likely need to use the footage of your past events. In such a situation, you can storyboard the key elements of your previous event that you like to feature in the promo video. It will help assemble the components finely. Many online video makers offer free storyboard templates; you can use and customize them as per your choice to ease your process of storyboarding.

  • Shoot your scene:

You are done with scripting and storyboarding, next is what? It is time to shoot your video! Depending on your goal, consider shooting the video in your office, store, or event location to generate the realistic vibe in your promo video. However, if your video focuses on an abstract or a narrative idea, find an isolated spot to shoot the video.  For instance, to produce an abstract promo video, use a studio space with a white background so that all the attention of your audience may stay on your product only.

While filming a video, choose characters to play in the video that resembles your buyers’ persona. Also, make sure to use voice actors to narrate about your video so that your video may be audible and understandable to your audiences.

Remember, promo videos not only serve a specific purpose but also help strengthen your overall brand identity. Thus, striking the right balance between voice and visual and everything in between is essential to succeed. Every single detail is critical while shooting a video.

  • Edit it now:

Once you have shot your video, here comes the most critical part of the process: editing, also known as the post-production stage. One of the most crucial aspects of video editing is sharing vital information like event’s dates and time, discount codes, last date of an end-of-season sale, etc. Thus, don’t forget to add and emphasize this vital information during the editing process so that your audience may not miss out on anything! Graphics and title cards help highlight such information.

While you need not be a pro at post-production, if you are not sure how to do it, you can outsource an expert video editor for Instagram to help you out. Alternatively, you can rely on an online video making platform to use free templates and edit them easily as per your demands and desires.

  • Promote your promo video:

The end goal of a promo video is to get the word out. So, once you have filmed your video, it is time to promote it. You can use platforms like your website, social channels, emails, paid aids, marketing websites, etc. to get the most of your video.

Now that you know the necessary steps of creating a promo video, it is time to make one on your own. With the steps described above, it is easy to impress your audience and elevate your brand. No experience is essential! So make a promo video now and get ahead of your competitors.