Was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Cancelled?

Was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Cancelled?

On Thursday, Discovery Family Channel announced that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic would end after nine years and 221 episodes with a 90-minute primetime special set to air on Oct. 12.

Does rarity have a crush on Applejack?

Rarity tries several attempts to get Trenderhoof’s attention, including adopting Applejack’s country mannerisms. By the end of the episode, Rarity learns that changing oneself just to impress someone else is wrong, and she gets over her crush.

Do adults watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

(Memphis) Hundreds of adults in the Mid-South are part of an international phenomenon, of adults obsessed with the cartoon, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.” Often called “Bronies,” the fans are usually adult men, but also include adult women.

How did MLP Friendship is Magic end?

The Ending of the End — Part 2 Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow imprison the ponies and celebrate their victory, but argue over what to do with the magic they have stolen. Discord enacts a plan to free Starlight so she can release the others.

Is MLP for all ages?

Yes! My Little Pony despite common misconception and stereotypes is really for all ages and genders. It has very good life lessons and morals that are useful in every stage of life.

Why is MLP ending?

This would’ve been epic. Starlight would reform, and the others would be destroyed, and that would’ve been a good final battle. Then after five seasons MLP ends as one of the best cartoons in history. But instead they decided to continue because Hasbro needed to make more new toys.

Who is Rainbow Dash in love with?

Here, Rainbow Dash is married to Soarin Skies, and they have 2 kids: Twister Breeze and Windy Breeze.

Why do older people watch My Little Pony?

Why do so many adults enjoy My Little Pony? – Quora. Overwhelmingly, Bronies answer that the characters are the most important factor in why they watch the show, it scores more than a point (on an eight-point scale) over the next highest factor on the Herd Census.

Is My Little Pony for kids or adults?

The current TV show— My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic —is the No. 2 show on the Hub Network for girls ages 2 to 11 and women 18 to 49. The Season 3 finale where Twilight Sparkle becomes a princess was the highest-rated telecast in Hub Network history among kids ages 2 to 11. Season 4 adventures premiere on Nov.

What is the plot of my Little Pony Friendship Is Magic?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Vol. 1 is a really fun adventure. The plot is simple enough, in that the evil Queen Chrysalis of the Changelings has returned to set up a trap for Twilight Sparkle and the rest of the Mane 6 (Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Apple Jack).

What number is my Little Pony Friendship Is Magic?

It’s up to the Mane Six to find the source of the weirdness before it’s too late! Collects My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #1-4. What size image should we insert?

Are there any my Little Pony comics that are part of continuity?

As a fan of the show, I was pleased to hear that they had started releasing comics that are part of the same continuity as the show. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Vol. 1 is a really fun adventure.

Is My Little Pony the TV movie more popular with men or women?

If you look at the IMDB demographics page for My Little Pony: The TV Movie, you’ll find that it gets an average vote of 5.1 from men and 7.4 from women, making a difference of 2.3. So here’s the challenge: can you find a movie with a larger difference between the male and female ratings? It’s remarkably hard.