Ways to compose an essay

In the life of a large number of people there are cases that you need to argue in writing any point of view, to explain their behavior, to describe the impression of something, to tell about yourself, etc., etc.. And in this case preferably falls writing essay. In the presented article, we will just tell you what an essay is and how to write it. Here we will provide a small remark: the note is presented in the form of certain information installations that reveal certain features of the essay.

What is an essay?

Essay is a small work written in a prosaic style and which has a free composition, and expressing personal points of view, reasoning and impressions of people on the established theme. But despite all the original essay does not pretend to be exhaustive or basic in the case.

The purpose of the essay

The idea of the essay is mainly to improve creative thinking and the ability to write your thoughts. And the course of its creation is very useful, because it contributes to the training and improvement of the skill of formulating ideas, structuring information, disclosure of cause-and-effect relationships, registration of existing experience with diverse examples and evidence of conclusions.

The quality of the essay

  1. Moderate size

Actually, obviously any skilled boundaries regarding the scope of an essay does not exist. But despite all the advice to write an essay in volume from three to seven sheets of printed material. But, say, in most universities in Europe is allowed to write an essay up to ten pages, but at Harvard business school essay in General are only two sheets.

  1. Specificity of the topic and individuality of expression

In every essay there is an exact subject every time. Because of that essay, by definition, is not able to parse a vast problem, to accommodate a huge number of ideas, and is obliged to display and develop exclusively the only idea or answer to a single question.

  1. Independent composition

There can be absolutely no standardized boundaries in the essay. Quite often, various works in the genre of essays are created not on the principles of logic, but on the contrary obey certain free associations and have all the chances to be built on the type of “All-round”.

  1. The naturalness of the story

While working on the essay, the author should definitely adhere to the confidential mode of communication with the reader, to abandon difficult, too harsh, unclear formulations. Still it is necessary to own the object in a dispute, to know how to portray it from different angles, in order to show a person a broad view of the problem under consideration, which will become the Foundation of his subsequent thoughts.

  1. The use of contradictions

In many cases, the essay is intended to surprise the reader. Some experts sometimes find such a circumstance immutable. The primary point for reflection of a man becoming some Maxim, a contradiction, a colorful statement that can collide with each other a couple of inconsistent thoughts, etc.

  1. Logical universality

This is just one of the paradoxes of the essay: different free structure and biased narrative creation at the same time has a characteristic logical system. Rather, there should be a balance of the leading positions and proposals of the writer, harmony of connections and causes and consistency of points of view.

  1. Orientation to oral speech

The essay should be focused on understandable to any person colloquial speech, although it is not obliged to contain typical words and expressions, frivolous coloring, slang or jargon. Speech should be simple, but caught quite seriously.

Composition and scheme of the essay

The structure of the essay is often characterized by two conditions: the Creator’s thoughts can be indicated in the form of laconic theses, and they can be argued.

In the form of reasons in this case it is allowed to use certain facts, actions, events, cases, experience, academic evidence, professional testimony, and so on the Best use of two arguments for any thesis. Actually two, because one may not sound credible, while three and over – overload the brief and figurative expression.