What are the parts of a music box called?

What are the parts of a music box called?

Cylinder-Type Musical Box

  • Comb. Normally made of steel and where sound is being produced.
  • Cylinder. The revolving part of the movement where the tunes are imprinted on using metal pins.
  • Spring Housing. It hosts the mainspring that provides the mechanical power to move the cylinder.
  • Lever.
  • Governor / Air-brake.
  • Bed-plate.

What is the wheel in a music box called?

The cylinder is the programming object, a metallic version of a punched card which instead of having holes to express a program, is studded with tiny pins at the correct spacing to produce music by displacing the teeth of the comb at the correct time. The tines of the comb ‘ring’, or sound, as they slip off the pins.

Why do music boxes sound creepy?

Not really,music box have a dreamy note from a sound of a set of pins placed with a revolving cylinder,but when a note broke,the sound could be a nightmare,usually because of rust or broke. music box maybe as creepy as real life,but its just a false note that may result a fear of harmony.

What are music boxes made of?

A typical large music box had a comb of 96 steel teeth plucked by pins on a brass cylinder 13 inches (330 mm) long, and the cylinder could be changed to allow different musical selections.

Why do music boxes make me sad?

Sometimes, it’s not the music in itself that makes you sad, it may be the “tone” of the music, instead. Certain tones brings out a sensitivity thereby allowing you to feel sad when you otherwise wouldn’t. Plus, you are the only one that can “hear” that tone as it only affects you.

What are music blogs called?

An MP3 blog is a type of blog in which the creator makes music files, normally in the MP3 format, available for download. They are also known as musicblogs, audioblogs or soundblogs (the latter two can also mean podcasts). MP3 blogs have become increasingly popular since 2003.

Should you oil a music box?

Never use an oil, as that may clog up the mechanism over time. Alum-a-Lub may be found at your local hardware store, but if not call their phone # 1-800-369-0342 (leave your telephone number, they will call back) and ask for a local distributor/user or send them a check and they will UPS the article to you.

Can you take apart a music box?

Take apart the case of the music box very carefully if the spring is too tightly wound. Unscrew the base and the key of the music box using a screwdriver. Gently pry out the cylinder and spring using the tip of the screwdriver.

Are there any parts available for my Old Music Box?

Some mechanism parts, such as combs for disc players and pinion gears (depending on the age of the music box) are still available. Certain parts as cylinders and their combs are tune specific and need to match each other. We can in many instances, rebuild a rare tune and make it playable again with parts from your old mechanism.

What is a music box mechanism?

Music box mechanisms, otherwise known as movements, produce the beautiful sounds that make music boxes a beloved gift and a household treasure. A metal cylinder or barrel with precisely placed pins rotates away from and then under a steel comb, plucking correctly tuned and placed prongs or tines creating a melody.

Where can I buy music box movements?

Trust TheMusicHouse.com to provide cylinder or disc music box kits, music box mechanism parts and more, that will enhance your own creation of a new box or modify and existing box. Buy music box movements online today. to place an order over the phone or via email or order on line.

Can you customize a Musical Box?

We can customize a musical box with a tune that appeals to any musical taste, whether someone is purchasing a custom music box mechanism as a gift, for a home or as a reminder of a great love of music.