What are the specs of a HP ProBook?

What are the specs of a HP ProBook?

Display specifications

Specification Description
15.6-inch LED HD (1366 x 768) with Touch:
Dimensions (W x H) 34.39 x 19.41 cm (13.54 x 7.64 in)
Weight 500g max
Diagonal size 39.6cm (15.6 in)

Is HP ProBook a laptop or Chromebook?

The laptops have different operating systems, HP Chromebook 14″ has Chrome OS and ProBook 450 G7 15″ has Windows 10 Pro.

What kind of processor does the HP ProBook 5310m have?

The ProBook 5310m base model uses the Intel Celeron3 SU2300 for its processor, however, you can upgrade to a more energy efficient and faster Intel Core 2 Duo SP9300 for $200. The 160GB hard drive is a speedy 7200 rpm model but users looking for more space can choose between a 250GB or 320GB drive.

Is the HP ProBook 5310m sexy enough for the club room?

The ProBook 5310m looks much sexier than its $699 starting price would indicate. The black anodized aluminum lid and deck, sleek island keys, and durable magnesium rubberized bottom make the 5310m sexy enough for the club room while staying conservative enough for the boardroom.

Is the HP ProBook 5310m the world’s thinnest full-performance notebook?

The HP ProBook 5310m packs an impressive set of hardware for a laptop this thin and light. Unlike netbooks and other slim notebooks, this computer doesn’t sacrifice processing power in lieu of design or portability and rightfully claims the title of “the world’s thinnest full-performance notebook.”

Is Hewlett Packard’s ProBook 5310m the lightest ultraportable on the market?

With the aggressively priced ProBook 5310m, Hewlett Packard has served notice on the industry: you can now get a high-quality business ultraportable for well under $1,000. Its competitors will have to respond. The ProBook 5310m isn’t the lightest ultraportable on the market, but it bests or comes close to its higher-priced competitors.