What did Daniel Cormier say about Jon Jones?

What did Daniel Cormier say about Jon Jones?

“I believe that Jon Jones will fight at heavyweight, and he’ll fight for the belt, but he’ll lose to Ciryl Gane or Francis Ngannou,” said Cormier (h/t MMA Fighting). “And I just think that the time away, with the weight difference and those guys being who they are, that’s the problem.

Are Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones friends?

Even though Daniel Cormier will never be friends with bitter rival Jon Jones, the former UFC two-division champion is concerned about him and his family following his most recent run-in with the law. 26, hasn’t been disciplined by the UFC.

Is Jon Jones really that good?

Jon Jones truly has a great ground game, but what really sets him above the others are the amazing striking skills. He is perhaps the most dynamic and innovative striker to ever set a foot inside the octagon. His Muay Thai skills are second to none and he doesn’t waste his energy levels throwing too much.

Why did Jon Jones get kicked out?

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones suspended from longtime MMA gym following Sept. arrest on domestic violence charge.

Who has DC lost to?

No contests

Res. Record Opponent
Loss 22–3 (1) Stipe Miocic
Loss 22–2 (1) Stipe Miocic
Win 22–1 (1) Derrick Lewis
Win 21–1 (1) Stipe Miocic

How old is Jon Jones?

34 years (July 19, 1987)
Jon Jones/Age

What makes John Jones so good?

Jon has excellent co-ordination that allows him to reach out and strike an opponent from even obscure positions. Jon’s self confidence has developed over years of success to a point where is very confident he can win despite adversity. Jon is a very skilful fighter. He has elite MMA striking and wrestling.

How much is Jon Bones Jones worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jon Jones’ net worth is three million dollars as one of the UFC’s most well-known fighters. His professional debut came in April 2008, before making his UFC bow four months later.

Was Max Holloway on the ultimate fighter?

In his second fight, Holloway faced Pat Schilling on June 1, 2012, at The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale. Holloway won via unanimous decision (30–27, 30–27, 30–27).

Who is the best UFC fighter of all time?

Who are the greatest MMA fighters of all time?

  • Anderson Silva (34-11, 1 No Contest) UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov (29-0) UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship.
  • Daniel Cormier (22-3, 1 No Contest)
  • Stipe Miocic (20-4)
  • Fedor Emelianenko (40-6, 1 No Contest)
  • Amanda Nunes (21-5)
  • Jose Aldo (31-7)

Has Jon Jones lost?

Jones’ only loss was a disqualification after the GOAT contender used illegal elbow movements. The referee of the fight was Steve Mazzagatti. Although Hamill was already basically defeated, Mazzagatti didn’t stop the bout.

Who is Cormier’s wife?

Salina Deleonm. 2017
Daniel Cormier/Wife
On February 16, 2011, he and his then-fiancée Salina Deleon had a son, Daniel Jr. Daniel Jr. trains in amateur wrestling at AKA, where Cormier is the assistant coach. On March 4, 2012, Cormier and his fiancée had a daughter. In June 2017, Cormier and Deleon were married.