What do FIFA card colors mean?

What do FIFA card colors mean?

Colours of FIFA Ultimate Team Cards – Gold, Gray and Brown Physically they are golden if the player belongs to the Gold level (rating above 74), are gray if the player belongs to the Silver level (rating between 64 and 74) and are brown if the player belongs to the Bronze level (rating below 64).

How do you press in FIFA 15?

With L2 (PS) or LT (Xbox) players can contain an opponent, and here the defender is always facing the ball. Finally, the R1 (PS) or RB (Xbox) will let you call a second player to put pressure on the ball carrier.

Who has the highest potential in FIFA 15?

Highest Player Growths in FIFA 15 Career Mode

#1 Callum Burton 78
#2 José Luis Sierra 78
#3 Maodo Malick Mbaye 78
#4 Bryn Morris 76

What is a rare player in FIFA?

Rare Player Items are selected by the EA SPORTS FIFA development team, for players who stand out in their league or position for their attributes or abilities, or have been internationally recognized as exceptional.

What if Card explained?

The new promo, called “What If” is a ‘Live Card’ event similar to the Headliners promo. That means any special cards released in the set revealed on Friday will be “live” cards for the rest of the FIFA 21 cycle.

How do you play a pro like FIFA 15?

10 Pro Tips To Instantly Improve Your FIFA 15 Game

  1. Finesse Shots Are King.
  2. Near Post Shooting Is Also Very Effective.
  3. Don’t Commit To Every Tackle.
  4. Leave The Goalkeeper To Take Care Of Himself.
  5. Aim Your Corner Kicks For The Near Post.
  6. Angle Your Through-Balls.
  7. Formations Are More Important Than You Think.

What if cards FIFA 21 explained?

What are FUT 21 “What If” dynamic player items? FUT “What If” players are boosted dynamic items that are eligible for an additional one-time +2 OVR upgrade based on their team fulfilling “What If” Scenarios based on real life football criteria.