What does essay mean?

Essay is a writing genre of prose invention of small size and free structure. Essay produces personal impressions and additional concepts of the Creator according to a specific question or subject and does not claim to be comprehensive or characterizing the clarification of topics.

The volume and actions come into contact with a scientific note and a literary sketch (with which essay is often confused), with another – with the ideological contract. For the direction of the essay appropriate brightness, restlessness associations, consecutively, installation of sincerity Yes, conversational tone.

Essay goals, audience and scope

The key objectives of the essay are: information, reassurance and entertainment user, the expression of the writer or the connection of only one, or a series of tasks. Their successful achievement depends on the knowledge of the writer to correctly establish their group. Harmonious essay distinguishes original thinking, a sense of manners and a successful set.

Progress in the manufacture of essay as a whole consists of the following steps: comprehension of the problem, hit the topic, selection of information, the structure of the organized collection, the development of the main adoption, the composition of the draft version.

Types of essay


The story links the incidents in the found sequence, usually sequential. The first role in speech is played by action and conflict. The story is sometimes described from the Central or a third party. The narrative is created around the Central moments and quite often enables communication, one that represents the act and helps to involve the reader in description.


The manual describes emotional impressions: visible, receptive, tactile, smelling, taste. Essay’s unified spirit is organized through an overwhelming experience. In order to create a drawing, you need to select an observation post, select and place elements using a spatial or (less often) sequential organization

Process image

One of the options of descriptions, often allocated in a separate group, are showing moves that are most often used with a purpose to explain to readers how the above is done or in other words passes.


Demonstration is necessary for the purpose of interpretation of ideas. At the time of choosing examples, you need to be sure that they provide the thought and they will be enough for this mission.


The classification divides a broad problem into certain categories by some established method, describes the different singularities of a certain category, and further shows how, for example, these properties fluctuate between categories.


A comparison evaluates two or more subjects for similarity. Usually it will help to carry out selection among alternatives, in addition introduces the user to unknown objects. All the details of the relationship can contain something combined and rely on well-selected parts, showing what really comparable details are similar or what really differ.

Root of the problem and consequence

Cause and consequence of the write section connected. Essay, which used causality, and analyze base – motives, in consequence of which there are some effects and conditions, and consequences – the effects are still steps and criteria.


The purpose of essay-definition is to know the impact of promises or judgments. All of them exist 3 variants: by means of synonyms; essential and still illuminated that can represent the Union of other types of essay (narration, description, description of movement and so on).


Argumentative essay, settling on logically constructed materials, wants to assure the reader to be in solidarity with some opinion, to perform some act or to carry out both. His tasks creators argumentative essay achieves because of the rational impact, based on strict truth, opinions of authorities, primary springs information, statistical data, etc.; sensory and ethical effect.