What does GTS stand for?

What does GTS stand for?

“Good Times.” When GTS means “Good Times,” it is used to wrap up a conversation reminiscing about a previous positive experience. “Go To Sleep.” GTS is probably most commonly used with the meaning “Go To Sleep.” In this context it is typically used to end a conversation taking place late at night.

What does GTS stand for in Pokemon?

Global Trading System

What does WDC stand for in text?

What’s Da Craic

What makes a discursive text?

A discursive text presents and discusses issues and opinions. The purpose may be to convince or persuade someone that a particular course of action is important or necessary, or simply to present all sides of an argument. present arguments for or against an action.

What is the benefit of reflection?

Reflection allows students to make sense of material/experience in relation to oneself, others, and the conditions that shaped the material/experience; Reimagine material/experience for future personal or social benefit (p. 147).