What does Per mean?

What does Per mean?

as per usual

How do you pronounce 24×7?

The pronunciation of”24×7″ is “twenty four by four”.

What is per week mean?

Per week means Monday to Friday(e.g.Monday4-8)?or Monday to Sunday(e.g.Saturday9-1)? Report copyright infringement.

Is it per day or a day?

If in doubt I believe you will always be correct with “per”, but in many circumstances you will find “a” is used, and should you not use it your grammar may sound sluggish. “He studies 12 hours a day” sounds colloquially correct to me .

When did the phrase 24/7 start?

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines the term as “twenty four hours a day, seven days a week; constantly”. It lists its first reference to 24/7 as from US magazine Sports Illustrated in 1983. The man to use it was basketball player Jerry Reynolds and he was talking about his jump shot.

How do you use 24/7 in a sentence?

twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week (used to mean “all the time”) She’s with me all the time — 24/7.

What’s another way to say 24 7?

What is another word for 24/7?

always continually
without a break night and day
unfailingly everlastingly
unremittingly round the clock
at every turn twenty-four-seven

How do you write 24 hours 7 days a week?

In commerce and industry, 24/7 or 24-7 service (usually pronounced “twenty-four by seven”) is service that is available at any time and usually, every day. An alternate orthography for the numerical part includes 24×7 (usually pronounced “twenty-four by seven”). The numerals stand for “24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

What does it mean 2 times a day?

: two times every day The mail is delivered twice a day.

What is another word for pee?

What is another word for pee?

urinate wee
piddle tinkle
micturate wee-wee
make water pass water
spend a penny take a leak

How often is three times a week?

What does triweekly mean? Triweekly is commonly used to mean one of two things: once every three weeks or three times per week.

What’s another word for per?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for per, like: , through, according-to, via, to each, by-means-of, contained in each, each, to, b-y and 3per.

What does 1 capsule twice daily mean?

Basically, this is the Frequency with which you are to take your drugs/medicines every day for a specified duration of time-say for a week, month and so on. So, “Take one tablet twice daily” means take one tablet maybe in the morning and another tablet in the evening. So, everyday you’ll take two tablets in total.

Is 24 hour hyphenated?

Hyphens, En Dashes, Em Dashes Q. So either “24/7, 365 days/year” or “24 hours a day, 365 days a year.” Hyphens come into play when you use a phrase like that to modify something else (our 365-days-a-year service) or when you use it in place of a noun (an eighty-four-year-old).

Is it per week or a week?

There is a grammatical difference, in that per is a preposition followed by a noun phrase without a determiner. In the second sentence, a week is a typical noun phrase. Despite these grammatical differences, the standard interpretation of each sentence would be the same.

What does two times a week mean?


What is another word for perfect?

What is another word for perfect?

flawless excellent
exquisite immaculate
impeccable pristine
defectless faultless
intact irreproachable